Anyone who’s followed my Twitter or other social media for the past… few years knows that I’ve gotten increasingly frustrated.

This is due to many, many things. But I wanted to give you a little insight into a bit of that.

People are constantly telling me how they watch/download/read/consume my content. But when confronted with the idea of actually paying for things they consume, here it comes:

“I wish I could afford to support your work!”

It’s $1 a month. I would bet you any amount of money these people have 4 quarters on the floor of their car. But let’s assume they don’t. Hey, I don’t have a dollar. It happens. That’s cool.

So many people have replied saying they “wish they could help” when I post my Patreon/Paypal/Amazon/any other way for people to pay for my work, that I tried writing blogs and educating people on how to support independent creators with more than just money.

(see things like this )

That helped… not at all. Every time. Every day. “I wish I could help!” “I wish I could help!” “I wish I could help!” “I wish I could help!”

I couldn’t understand it. So many people wanted to support my work and make sure I was paid, but I wasn’t getting any support! What else could I do to help them help me?

So I started a private Facebook group. I told everyone exactly what it was and for people only to join if they were one of those people who wanted to help support my work.

Here was the tagged post:

“ Hey everyone! Thanks so much for joining! As you know, I have a lot of content I am creating and posting every day. I need help getting my content out there to people who will care about it. That is where you come in! If I am posting about Game of Thrones, maybe find a Game of Thrones group to share my video with. If I write a blog about mental health, share it with some friends who might benefit from it. So I’ll be updating the group with all of my content going forward, and hopefully you can help me get it to the right people! Thanks, team!”

Over a hundred people joined the group within 1 week. In groups, you can see exactly who and how many people saw the posts. Most people saw the posts.

I shared a lot of stuff. Strategy, what I needed to get done, etc.

About 3 people would actually share something. Most of the comments were just men wanting to comment on anything I posted that was modeling.

I gave up after 2 months.

There’s a point where you stop giving people the benefit of the doubt. You stop bending over backwards for people who are already disrespecting you.

I don’t believe anyone when they say they wish they could help. There are exactly ZERO PEOPLE who have said the words “I wish I could help” to me that could not, in fact, help.

I honestly don’t care if you don’t want to support my work. I do care that people are constantly lying to me.

You don’t wish you could help as much as I wish you would.

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