GINspector Calls — Tried and Tested — Williams Elegant 48 Gin

This week’s Tried and Tested, is an ode, to the humble Potato.

The story of Williams Elegant 48 Gin, begins with the Chase family and estate. Potato farmers by trade, turned Tyrells English Crisps producers. A trip to a distillery, making Potato Vodka in the USA, planted the seed, which would grow to become Chase Vodka’s and Williams Gin.

Based in Hertfordshire, the ‘field to bottle’ process behind Williams Gin is really very impressive.

The potatoes and apples are grown, farmed, fermented, distilled and bottled all on site, so that they can keep a watchful eye over the quality.

Elegant by name, elegant by nature, the Williams 48 Gin, is produced using a bespoke Gin still and secret wild botanical’s , as well as hops, elderflower, juniper, Bramley apple and angelica.

The taste, is really distinctive and refined. There’s Juniper, crisp citrus and then a warm spicy undertone, that makes you feel all sophisticated and cool- Not to mention it makes a mean Martini! It’s really very special.

And the bottle is beautifully British too. Tall, graceful and adorned with the GB Flag- it’s quite the stunner.

Sustainable, and unique, Williams 48 Gin ensure’s potatoes will definitely never be the same again!

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