A New Year’s Ditty

My photo of the London fireworks taken on 1st December 2013 — viewed from Horse Guards Parade.

Farewell 2015! Swept away by the relentless hands of time,

Now it belongs in the eternal halls of history.

Ushered out amid a flurry of fireworks;

Eager eyes marvel at the displays heralding 2016

The human family’s diaspora celebrates.


The air is dancing with excitement

At prospects unknown…

We face the future with hopeful hearts,

Praying that this year will be good to us

A blank canvas to paint our dreams on.


The unlived hours stretch ahead of us,

Take time to evaluate the days now behind

Some were great, some were not;

But achievements are begging to be acknowledged.

Some pledge to do it differently, better.


Resolutions occupy our thoughts

Better health, more money, time with friends,

Travelling to exotic lands, or perhaps just Land’s End!

We aim to improve our circumstances,

Or perhaps those of others…


A handful commit to paper their goals for the year;

Know your destination, ‘see’ it daily.

Fill your hours wisely and

Plan your route with room for detours,

Most of all: enjoy the journey…


Originally posted on http://rhapsodyinwords.com/