Persuade Me

Write a letter or appeal, something that persuades your reader to join the cause, take sides with your movement, or simply try something new.

I’m not one to try and make people do something that they don’t want. Independent thought is critical in day-to-day life. Granted, people change their views and opinions on things, that’s part of learning (there it is again), for that reason I think this excercise is probably the most difficult to tackle for me.

There were a few things taht came to wind for subjects. I was brought up Catholic for instance, but I am now and atheist. I don’t feel it right for me to try and persuade or sway someones faith, I actually find that quite wrong in many ways. In the same way that I don’t like a knock on the door and then to open it to someone trying to give me a bible, I wouldn’t want to try and do that to someone in the reverse of that.

I always remember the advice given to me by my friend.

2 topics to never discuss with friends or family, politics and religion.

Sound advice I will admit. It does come up in passing, but it doesn’t get much of a look in.

So for that, the thing I will try and sway you on is quite simple, yet also very very hard. Take cold showers.

Now, before you wince and think “he has lost the plot”, just hear me out on this one. When I read about this in a few training blogs and in Tim Ferriss’s book “The 4 hour body”, I was deeply sceptical. I had done plunge pools in my local gym before after training, and you see pictures time and time again of athletes in baths full of ice, smiling back at you like there was no problem at all.

I had to do some research on this.

What did I find?

Before I decided to throw ice cubes over my head, I had to do some reading about it. If I am going to sacrifice my beautiful hot showers for the polar opposite, there had better be a very good reason for it.

It helps your blood circulation — This was a nice thing to read. When you take a cold shower, the blood near your skin flows quickly to your organs, this is called Hunters reflex. Your arteries work harder, and thus your heart also gets some much needed work in as well. Off to a good start.

It wakes you up — First thing in the morning, taking a cold shower lights you up like a Christmas tree. You begin to breath deeper and this gets your blood going (as mentioned above). Some call this a natural dose of energy, I just call it waking up in a flash.

Refines your skin and hair — Hot water can be quite damaging to your skin if you arent careful. Washing with cold water closes up your pores also, this helps prevent them from getting clogged up and cause irritation. Your hair also loves the cold water, this point though is of little concern when you are baldy like me.

Prevents muscle soreness — You see this all the time, an athlete lying in a bath full of ice, smiling back at you, happy as Larry. This, again, is due to the blood flow to the muscles which aids recovery. If you work out, run, box, climb or any activity really, cold water treatments like showers or baths are exactly what you need.

The list of benefits goes on and on. From my personal point of view, I love the numb feeling I get from taking them. My morning showers are quite enjoyable now — you do get used to it, I promise — especially in the summer months when things run a bit hotter and humid around Vancouver.

I notice a big improvement in my mental clarity as well, I contribute this to the breathing I get in the shower as well, almost like wet meditation (that sounds wrong). My skin is also very clear as well, my tattoo shows up brighter and I dont get dry skin at all anymore. After boxing, I find the urge for a cold shower at its strongest as well.

Again though, this is my perspective on it. This wouldn’t be for everyone, that I know, but there really is no harm in giving it a go. I would also say, that if you do want to try it, just go full on. Don’t turn on the shower and stand there trying to find the courage to just walk under it. Stand under it and THEN turn it on.

This is good training if you want to be a navy seal at some point in your life as well, those guys do some really intense stuff, that alone shows how much the human body can go through.

Give it a go and see.