A PIN to unlock the future.

An online service to tourists for short-term rental of baby equipment. A web platform for supporting the organization and promotion of performing arts at home. A patented technology to create touch-sensitive surfaces with application in robotics. A social network entirely dedicated to the products of the earth. A space for renting by the hour setting to facilitate the start of the professional services of psychologists and psychotherapists. App for location-aware visualization and real-time reservation of free tables in restaurants, pizzerias, cafes nearby.
Are only 6 of the 79 projects funded by the Puglia Region with the program called “PIN — Pugliesi Innovative”, presented yesterday in Bari and awarded by President Michele Emiliano, and the regional selectman for Youth, Raffaele Piemontese.

The event space Impact Hub Bari was built as an arena in which the protagonists were their boys and girls aged 18 to 35 years with an innovative idea cultural, social or technological. Since “PIN” left, on 1 September 2016, 855 projects have been in the running to receive a loan of up to EUR 30,000, and 1,530 dossiers are being worked on www.pingiovani.regione.puglia.it platform.

The first 79 projects funded with a total of 2,258,538 euro are part of the 296 evaluations completed by a committee with 45 women and men, “an expression of Puglia more lively and intelligent,” said Piemontese.

Among the three presidents of this symbol Commmission’s Massimo “Max” Ciociola, CEO and innovative firm founder, former startup, Musixmatch, the vocabulary of music with more than 60 million users in the world, listed as leading example by Mark Zuckerberg. Ciociola, yesterday morning, has galvanized the 203 boys symbolically rewarded with a “PIN” square, remembering that a good idea can come from anywhere.

Max Ciociola, Musixmatch

“Each of you is an important seed for the redemption of the South that can not be practiced only in words — said the president Emiliano-. This operation is impressive, we root for you: if there are ideas and desire to work the Puglia Region will not fail the resources to turn these projects into real life”.