Why you should never drive when drunk; Scar girl.

Why scar girl you would ask, well;

It all started Friday the 12th, Now i didn’t know my life was going to change, it was a normal day, let me introduce you to my story.

12/08/16 07.05 pm

Charlotte; hey! ten minutes and i’ll be there!

Me; Okay!

After half an hour my girlfriend arrives at my house, and we start to get ready, you know.. Music/ makeup and outfits. Normal routine for me and her.. yeah i felt so beautiful that night. I was ready to go out for a drink..

1o.37 pm

Me; Hey! tonight we are down to the seafront!

Me; We see you at the club!

Me; Bring your friends!

Me; Heeeeeey! you there?

00.56 am saturday 13th

Marcus; ooiii!

Marcus; heeeey!!

Marcus; Here i come!

(Now have in mind that i fancy him a lot but we both treat each other like we don’t care at all.)

He arrives with his friends. We take a beer all together, at 01.20 am my best friend says that she has to meet with this handsome guy that she’s been seeing lately, and she takes Marcus aside and asks him if he could drive me home, he agrees, then adds that he already wanted to do that.

She looks him and with a smile on her face shouts;

Charlotte; Bring her back home safely!!

Marcus; No!

She looks at him with with a threatening look.

Marcus; Yes obviously! you silly girl!

Charlotte; Bye guys! have fun!

All of us; Byeee!

Here we are, she’s gone from a while now. it’s about 2.30 am we drunk, we had a chat.

Marcus; Let’s go home!

Me; Okay! but i drive!

Marcus; Okay!

3.00 am

I taste blood. I can’t feel my legs, my face.. I need to wake up.
I open my eyes. I look at my hands and omg i see blood, blood is everywhere. “what happened?” i think. Then i remember that Marcus was with me. “where is he??” i try to stand up but i’m blocked. i turn around and i see more blood and i see him. Oh my head was feeling heavy. I had to talk, but how?

Me; Marcus, are you okay? hey???! please answer me! hey! omg.

Marcus; Giorgia.. hey, we need to get out of here. How do you feel? You need to go to the Hospital urgently. But don’t worry! you want to go at my house first?

“Why hospital? what is he saying ? i’m good.. i feel something that i need to spit.. OMG THAT’S A TOOTH ????”

Me; Bring me to the hospital, please.

Marcus; Okay.

Why i have told you my story? is it even real? Unfortunately it is.

(After the operation)
I had a violent and traumatic impact with the rock , to avoid a car that had invaded our lane . The driver , also drunk, has not brought any relief .
But he left .
I was lucky , if not miraculously escaped the essermela with scratches and minor burns to his right thigh .
So why "scar girl ? " what does that have to do with anything?
On impact with the rock , I lost two front teeth , I have broken nine other and they sewed up my lower lip . Twelve stitches in total.

Please do never drink if you’ve got to drive.

Love, Scar girl.

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