Liberal Orthodoxy Is Driving Off A Cliff
Chris B

I don’t see Identity Politics as “inclusive,” but rather, divisive. What we need is Solidarity, not Identity Politics. They are not synonymous. Dividing people into separate groups is a recipe for domination, as in the imperialist motto “Divide ut regnes.” We have been pushed into separate categories for far too long, with White pitted against Black, Man against Woman, Citizen against Immigrant (illegal or otherwise), Straight against Gay, Cisgender against Trans, and the list goes on. In actuality, the poor Bisexual Intersex-to-Female Transsexual African-American has more in common with the poor “Cis Het White Male” than either has in common with anyone who is part of the establishment, and it is the fact that both are marginalized, disenfranchised, and opporessed by the establishment that we need to give attention, not their superficial differences. We need to stand together instead of separating into our own various exclusivist “safe spaces,” which only ensures that the lack of understanding and empathy will continue and increase. Sure, different groups have their own needs and concerns, but the ultimate issue is economic inequality. There’s nothing wrong with working on the needs and concerns of a given group, as long as we all stand together to get rid of economic inequality. Solidarity is what we need, not the division and exclusion of “Identity Politics.”