My reason for writing it has nothing to do with the Bernie Sanders supporters now.
Sasha Stone

I’m not about to apologize. Deal with that. And stop with the same “misogyny” crap that infuriated us, just like the “Bernie bros.” I’m a 51 year old, bisexual woman of mixed ethnic ancestry, with a BA in two majors and graduate work on top of that, and I am by NO means the only such person. All of your narrative about Bernie’s supporters being “young, uneducated, straight, white males” just got blown out of the water. As for the Democratic Party, no thanks. You and your ilk have corrupted it beyond any reform. Most of us have gone Green, and we’re staying Green. Obama’s legacy? What is that, exactly? Romneycare? Alright, it’s better than what we had, sure, but it’s a long way from what we need. And as for free college and universal healthcare, those are by no means impossible. Every other first world nation has universal healthcare, and most have free college, too. Why couldn’t we? Oh, right, because the ONE party system would rather spend THREE TIMES the percent of tax monies on “defense” than any other nation in the world, so they can keep fighting Israel’s battles for them and go start more wars to further enrich the already obscenely wealthy. Let me suggest that you go and read this and stop being so arrogant, insulting, and condescending:

And stop spewing the partisan/campaign rhetoric. Do some research for yourself and learn that you were lied to. Repeatedly.