Bill Maher Isn’t a Progressive After All
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Someone thought Bill Maher was Progressive? He’s a Limousine Liberal, at best. Probably more accurately, he’s a partisan hack, as you say.

You wrote:

It’s now been 6 months since the election concluded, yet Bill Maher continues his finger pointing, while continuing to make excuses for Mrs. Clinton weekly on his show. Last weekend Maher took a step far over the line when he said “fuck you” to principled progressives that didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, instead choosing to vote for Jill Stein. There is a problem with Maher’s conclusion that is the fault of “Bernie or bust” that he obviously overlooked. Yes, Stein did get 1 percent of the vote, but 9 percent of Democrats voted for Trump. Why doesn’t Bill chastise them? Where it’s the big “fuck you” to the Bill? Oh yes, it doesn’t fit your narrative,does it Bill? These are Democratic party voters who voted for Obama twice, but because they felt abandoned by their party they voted for Donald Trump.

This omission should come as no surprise; partisan hacks also don’t like to talk about the 13% of Democrats in Florida who voted for George W. Bush in 2000, instead preferring to blame Gore’s loss on the much smaller 1% of Florida Democrats who exercised their democratic right to choose an actual alternative to the corporate duopoly by casting their votes for Ralph Nader.

You also wrote:

it’s not what ultimately cost her the election.

Oh, but it is. You’re quite astute in pointing out that she is, quite simply, a Republican, and a typical pro-establishment one at that. Ever since her husband became President, the Democratic Party establishment has moved ever further to the Right, embracing Neoliberalism. She lost for much the same reason Gore lost in 2000: she is uninspiring and lacks charisma, just like Gore, but more than that, the differences between Gore and Dubya, like the differences between Hillary and Trump, are marginal. The Political Compass rates all four of them in the “Right-authoritarian” quadrant of its two-dimensional model. Senator Sanders, like Representative Dukakis before him, offered hope for an actual change, since both men were Leftists. When the primary was stolen from Senator Sanders by collusion between the Hillary for President campaign, the DNC (in violation of its own charter and bylaws), and the corporate media, the only possible alternative left for rational Progressive Leftists was Doctor Stein, but some were so frustrated that they voted for Trump just to try and keep Hillary from winning. What ultimately cost her the election, however, was the fact that she, her campaign, her supporters, the DNC, and the main stream media did their best to alienate as many people as possible by resorting to insolent personal attacks, attempts to guilt trip people into voting for her, the copious use of Argumentum ad Metum coupled with Bifurcation Fallacy, and incessant other forms of Emotional Appeal and emotively charged (both positively and negatively) language, rather than any substance. It might come as a surprise to establishment Democrats, but the people are not quite gullible enough to fall for such piffle.

And in response to “SaintHeartwing,” who commented on your article as follows:

Yeah, you’re wrong. People who voted Trump didn’t vote based off economic issues. It was based off sexism, bigotry and cultural anxiety. Not off of substance, but the fear and hatred of “the other”, which study after study confirmed.

I’m sure that narrative gives comfort to partisan Democrats and loyal devotees of Hillary Clinton, but it’s an entirely simplistic conception which merely continues the Bifurcation Fallacy and Argumentum ad Metum which have so polarized our society to the point that there are now two relatively large factions which demonize one another without fail. Democrats do something in Congress which Republicans would have supported had Republicans done it, and the result is invariably more of the same posturing and attacking of “the other,” and the same goes for Democrats’ reactions to something Republicans do in Congress which they would have supported had Democrats done it. The fact is that there is no substantial difference between the two parties anymore. Superficial (and largely rhetorical) differences exist, but the two parties, without fail, push minor variations on the same policies. The only meaningful difference is that the Democrats will, occasionally, knock a few token crumbs of a social nature from the table of the corporate oligarchy so that the masses can squabble over them, while Republicans will claim to be supporting the middle class economically by giving tax cuts with one hand and increasing taxes with the other, hidden, hand.

I suspect your “study after study” were all published by such pro-establishment and propaganda rags as WaPoo, whose history of collusion with the establishment and the CIA should be better known to the people of the nation.

The bitterest truth is preferable to the sweetest lie. The truth is that we’re all getting screwed by the two main parties, and partisans are enabling it. People voted for Trump for a variety of reasons, not something so simplistic as you suggested. Some voted for him simply because they are partisan Republicans and would vote for any candidate whom the Republicans nominate. Others voted for him because they could not stand Hillary Clinton (and I can sympathize, but I did not engage in insincere voting for either of the two “evils,” instead casting my vote for Doctor Jill Stein). Still others voted for him because they actually believed that he was an “anti-establishment” candidate (which is, I know, a mind-boggling notion). And yes, some voted for him due to bigotry, but to claim that everyone who voted for him did so with that motivation is to be a partisan dupe, and to perpetuate the false dilemma in which the “two” party system has largely succeeded in foisting upon the public.

The only way to end this charade of a managed democracy with its controlled opposition is to step out of line and climb out of the limited and limiting box into which the corporate establishment has tried to put us, and into which partisan Democrats and partisan Republicans have allowed themselves to be put. Or, to make it more plain, go Green.