The Case For Making Hillary Clinton President — And Not Mike Pence — After Trump Is Impeached
Allan Ishac

Below I make the eminently defensible case that it should not be Vice-President Mike Pence, as the Constitution would suggest, but rather the woman from whom the election was stolen in the first place, Hillary Clinton.

The only person from whom the election was stolen was Bernie Sanders.

Oh, and the Constitution does not merely “suggest” that the Vice President will succeed the President if he should resign, die, or be impeached. It legislates it.

Donald Trump became president with the aid of a hostile foreign power.


Hillary won the popular vote.

It’s a good thing James Madison and Alexander Hamilton took steps to ensure that we didn’t have a pure democracy, because the presidential election should not be a popularity contest.

Donald Trump cheated his way to the presidency.


Elevating Hillary Clinton, the “runner-up” in the 2016 election, to president after Trumplethinskin leaves would be unprecedented in American history.

It would also be unconstitutional.

But the way Donald Trump became president, colluding with the enemy to snatch victory, is also unprecedented.

Evidence? We have seen none. We have a McCarthyesque waving of papers which allegedly contain evidence, but when we examine them, they offer none, just as was the case with McCarthy’s “evidence.”

We now know the election was rigged in favor of Donald Trump.

No, what we know is that the Democratic primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. We also know that Hillary, for all the claims of her competence and intelligence and experience, failed to campaign anywhere except in places where she knew she had a chance of winning, ignoring the vast majority of Electoral votes, and so she lost. Winning the popular vote won’t win a presidential election, and this was not the first time such a thing happened, nor the second, nor the third …

Only in a banana republic, with a ruling oligarchy (in this case, the Trump family monarchy) that thinks it is above the law, and where there is a corrupt alliance between big government and big business (think of Trump’s many billionaire cabinets members and advisers) do incompetent dictators retain power.

Certainly we saw how Hillary Clinton was above the law with reference to Director Comey excusing her on the grounds that there was no intent, yet others have been prosecuted under the same law without any demonstrable intent. As for big business, yes, Hillary Clinton is entirely bought and paid for. Her Neoliberal Corporatism is plainly evident to anyone who bothers to pay attention to anything other than the fact that she has two X chromosomes and a uterus.

Hillary Clinton is respected abroad and has the best chance to rebuild America’s damaged reputation overseas — especially with our disillusioned allies.

Hillary Clinton is a two-faced, untrustworthy fake, who should be charged for the crimes she apparently committed in reference to 18 U.S. Code § 793 (f), intent or not, just like any normal citizen would be.

One woman was born to lead — and must.

Your cult-like devotion is nauseating.

Hillary Clinton is not a golfer. Therefore, unlike SCROTUS, we can expect her to work for America on weekends, and not fly, at the taxpayers’ expense, to Mar-A-GoGo every five days.

Hillary Clinton has transverse sinus thrombosis. You might want to look that up and see what the potential effects can be before you continue pushing this woman as if she’s some kind of messiah.

Once called a “rock star diplomat” by the New York Times Magazine, Hillary Clinton is a brilliant politician and seasoned stateswoman. She knows Washington and the world. She is not a novice. Or a boob. Or a dimwit. We’ve had seven months of an unqualified person in power and if it goes on much longer, he might get us all killed. When the political dust settles, and Daddy Warbucks is far, far away, we need a political savvy president at the helm to get us back on course — not Mike “Just Pray To Jesus” Pence.

Mike Pence is a fruitloop, yes, which is the biggest reason you people need to stop howling about impeaching Trump, because if Trump is impeached and removed from office, Pence moves into that office, not Hillary. Your wishful thinking isn’t going to change that. Also, if the NYT’s notion of “rock star diplomacy” involves screwing up the Middle East even further than it was before she was Sec’y of State, which she did, then the NYT needs to be retired. As for her brilliance as a politician and “stateswoman,” her knowledge of Washington and the world, and your assertion that she is not a novice, boob, or dimwit, again, if she were really as brilliant and competent as partisan Democrats have claimed, then why did she not bother to campaign in a way that might have resulted in sufficient Electoral votes to actually win the election, and why did she not stop the ridiculous insults her people were tossing at Bernie, at Jill, at Berners, at Green Party members, and at anyone else who would not fall in line and support the Queen (Wanna)Bee? As for getting us all killed, Hillary was already rattling a saber at Russia way back in the primary season, long before any talk of “Russian hackers” came out in an attempt to divert attention away from the content of the leaked emails which we now know to be legitimate and authentic. She’s not “political” savvy (nor politically savvy, either).

Donald Trump would start a nuclear war simply as a way to divert attention from his many crimes and those of his corrupt cronies. He is thategotistical, that reckless, and that desperate to retain power.

Every bit of that applies to Hillary Clinton. I’d call her “Machiavellian” if I believed she were intelligent enough to warrant that label, but in truth, she’s just enamored of wealth and power, ambitious, and opportunistic.

So you can pillory Hillary all you want, but she won’t get us blown up simply because someone called her a nasty name.

No, but she would get us blown up to serve her corporate masters. And for a “Democrat,” she sounds an awful lot like a Neocon when it comes to war.

An intimate understanding of the Constitution of the United States is mandatory for any presidential office holder. Hillary Clinton has read it and understands it.

Hillary Clinton is a lawyer, yes. But she’s not a Constitutional Lawyer. John Edwards is a lawyer, too.

Women in America comprise 51% of the population.

I’m a woman, and will happily vote for a woman, if I agree with her positions; I voted for Jill Stein, for example. Try not to pander to women with this routine. Elected officials? What exactly does Trump have to do with elected officials? Did he “rig” the election against all the other women who were running for office, too? The President does not elect people to office; he appoints them. It’s the rest of us who elect people to office.

Ivanka doesn’t count, I’m speaking of elected, credentialed, appointed, female career politicians

Isn’t Ivanka appointed? Why, yes she is, as of 29 March, appointed, officially (see page 15 of this document), as an Advisor to the President. I’d say that she counts, having been appointed.

What is so appealing about “career politicians,” anyway? You think they know the system? Oh, they do. They do indeed. And they know how to play it, and how to solicit bribes … err, I mean “contributions” from lobbyists, too, and what it takes to keep getting such, which is not in the public interest.

I will be accused of relitigating that Hillary is best for American women issue here, but yes I am, and yes she is. Plus, it’s about damn time!

Why don’t you let us women decide if she’s best for us or not? It’s not exactly your place to speak for American women, after all. And sure, like I said before, I’ll vote for a woman for President happily, if I agree with her positions, and I did vote for a woman, just not the pimpette of Wall Street into whose cult of personality you have been inducted, apparently.

14. Let’s review

Let’s not, and let’s not call this “review” a fourteenth reason, when it’s merely a rehashing of what you’ve already said, thus rendering your title false.

Look, I agree that Trump is not fit for the office, but I absolutely do not want Pence in there, and in spite of wishful thinking, that’s who we’d get if you lot don’t stop pushing this loopy conspiracy theory promoted by a known liar like Former Director Clapper. Wishful thinking aside, Hillary won’t become President if Trump is impeached. Pence will. Sticking your fingers in your ears and singing “La la la, I can’t hear you!” won’t change that.

And frankly, Hillary is not fit for the office, either. I want her in the office even less than I want Trump in there.