About the 1% that you can put your 99 into

I’m truly passionate about talent , i’m passionate about the 1% features that somebody can have to himself and truly only himself, i’m obsessively passionate about the faint bias in someone’s physics, voice, character, behavior, a way of doing something, a way of seeing things etc… that allow him to be unique.

As i experience myself (i’ll talk about it below) and take a step back on everything happening around me, i observed that the 1% reveals itself everyday because it is not forced, it’s flowing naturally. That is why i think is it hard to detect unless you can be lucky enough to have somebody around you that randomly tells you that you do something or have a way of doing something that he rarely or never saw. Or unless you deploy self awareness to the point that you track down what you do on a daily basis for a week or a month to catch on what is the thing that you do, or the way that you react or think about something every time you find yourself in a particular situation.

The 1% is already there and that’s why we fail to see it (at least i think for most of us). For me, i have been lucky enough to have a friend that has been stunned by the fact that even if there are things he never tells me i always tend to know or suggest what really happened. As the dumb person that i am i didn’t took it seriously till i found myself looking back on what people do and predicting what they are going to do and i was doing it effortlessly. From then, i knew where i had to put my grind into.

Once you figured out your 1% you have to dodge the uppercut behind it that is: how do you deploy your 99 hard work into that 1% talent so that you can make it profitable to you? I’m struggling with that question but i know that the answer is different for every single one of us.

Let me know what you truly think is your 1% either you figured it out recently or way back ago and if you made it profitable, how did you find the answer to the last question?