Calculated and Comfortable

On a daily basis we deal with an enormous flow of interaction. Interacting, which means involving ourselves with people that may be the same old people we interact with in our environment or new people, is a fundamental act in our human society and is an inborn feature that set the frames for the world we know. That is how we learn, we communicate and we exchange: we build our world around interaction.

With a tool as powerful as that, not everybody is ready to use it for the good. Indeed, each interaction is different on its own because of its purpose and the intent behind it: relationships, friendships, business, family ect…. think of all the why’s to why we interact. So whatever the way we use to interact, interaction is the game we get to play when we are human and not every human plays it fair.

Some people want to take advantage of us. Their actual purpose in the interaction and the intent behind is to put us in the position in which either they lead us in a place we don’t have control over so that they overwhelm us and we play by their rules or they trick us because interacting is a mind game and lots of us are naïve. That happens a lot because interaction is driven by expectations from a lot of us. We interact for many reasons and the reasons to why we do it are the ends goals of interaction. We actually expect those reasons to be true and that’s how we get taken advantage of. If the people we interact with figure out what we expect, they have the choice to hang it in front of us and use it as a gateway to take advantage of us.

We can deal with that by being calculated. Are we comfortable enough to create the environment so that if these people want to take advantage of us and because we don’t have any micro expectations, we are in control of our situation?. Having control allow us to take data from them and leave them if they are not worth it and/or decide if we are going to create opportunities for them. We get tricked because of our “want it fast” attitude that is micro expectation on which we are vulnerable. When we instead set the big picture which is macro expectation that gives us control over the long run so that if people want to take advantage of us they will be busted because they play a micro game and don’t have the stamina for our macro. They win on us on the “want it fast”.