Redesign of Facebook Stories/Main screen

Stories format of communication is seen in almost all major social media applications. But Facebook being a giant among the social media it was not able to push this stories format largely into users compared to other platforms.

Facebook Stories Source: Internet

I have seen my friends checking Insta stories, Whatsapp stories but very very rarely I see them checking Facebook stories.There are many reasons for this. One of them is the Design of the application.

In the application we see Status bar- top most, Stories, ‘what’s on your mind?’, Feed, Tab Bar- lowest part [ iOS design ].

Following above pattern ‘Feed’ goes to the lower portion of the screen, people being very familiar with the Feed they first go there and continue their scrolling. After scrolling continues everything fades away out of the screen expect the Feed. 
 And in the static screen, ‘what’s on your mind’ (which is used less often ) this part which is in btw the stories and feed is breaking the bridge btw them. 
when user first comes to app they view into the lower portion of the screen, so here there view is not going to stories and after scrolling however the stories is faded out, so here totally stories is not even in the sight of the user. When you imagine Facebook app Stories rarely come into the picture in your mind.

With the space/gap between Feed & Stories brought by ‘what’s on your mind’( which is mostly useless on daily usage, to say) Facebook is not able to convert their user to fb stories.

So in the redesign nothing big changes come, a small change moving ‘what’s on your mind’ to top and bring Stories to middle, above the feed and closer to the feed. With this Stories will be atleast in sight of the user so there’s a chance of them moving towards stories.


Let me know your views.


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