hi Vicky, are you one of those people who needs a smiley emoji at the end of a sentence to tell…
Joe Váradi

Usually, in so to be perfectly well understood.. most enjoy doing whatever they believe it would take to accomplish this. However, alas… the arrogantly pompous a-hole was born. He (yes, usually a ‘he’) enjoys the controversy of being less than communicative in a sound fashion. And his prideful manner disallows for any substance of admittance of mistakes made.. hence, his passing the buck onto other of whom dare call him out as being grossly transparent.. in his faux pas screwball actions.. and nonetheless, having onlookers fully supporting him as to impress and gain favor. Notice no emoji needed. My message is crystal-clear. Fits you like a $300 pair of alligator shoes. Step up and own it.

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