Social Media. Who needs it?!

Pin this, Like me, Re-tweet that, Read my Blog. URGH!! Who needs to be this social? Honestly, your business does! “But, I’m social. I attend Networking events,” you say.

Listen. Long gone are the days of networking at some musty hotel banquet room, standing around eating stale pastries, wearing a HELLO MY NAME IS sticker. So 90‘s! Besides, your real customers are not at these events anyway. Technology has replaced face-to-face networking with what we know today as Social Media.

I know some of you think of Social Media as a toy—something used by teens and hip, “techie types” as a way of keeping tabs on the daily goings-on in each other’s lives.

It’s true, the kids are Facebooking and Tweeting…the Cool Kids, that is. The Cool Kids like: POTUS (aka President of the United States), Corporations like Pepsi, Gary Vaynerchuk and other “make it happen” entrepreneurs! These folks are putting social media to work for them and getting their messages out to millions!

Guess that debunks the whole “it’s for teens” theory, huh?

*Trivia Night Fact: Did you know, the average social media user is 39 years old.

Next you’re gonna say “Yeah, that’s all gravy, but I’m sure as heck not as well known as the President and I’m not as BIG as Pepsi. Shoot, I only have 2 and a half employees—the half being my Grandma when she’s not busy at Zumba.”

And that’s a great segue into the two reasons why you need social media:

1. Because you’re not as well known as the President.

Duh…that’s probably the main reason why you should be using Social Media. Let’s face it, if you sit idle no one will find you. People expect to find you on social media sites. In fact, the reality is if you have a business, chances are you have already have a reputation on a social site somewhere. How is that possible? Somewhere on the interwebs someone has posted a review, a comment, or even shared an experience about your business. It may be good; it may be bad.

If you have a company Facebook page or Twitter account people can leave their comments there. This is gold for you. If the comment is good, others see it and want to experience what you have to offer. If the comment is bad, still good for you because now you’ll know what to improve and you can show your customers that you actually listen to their opinions and act on them.

Social Media gives your business a personality, which in turn results in deeper relationships with customers and ultimately generates more business exposure and revenue. Establishing a presence on social media is an invitation for people to communicate with you and let your customers’ voices be heard. And whether you are POTUS or just a one-person operation, listening to your audience is critical to your success.

2. Because you’re no big corporation.

You’re not going to become a big corporation without getting the word out and reaching critical mass. And social media is a FREE way to start doing that. Sure, being a big corporation may not be the goal. But connecting with more and more people who want your product or service is a very good thing. And if that happens to put more zeros in your bank account balance, I suppose you’ll just have to live with that, too.

The truth is, small businesses and startups are most likely to gain new business and find partnerships by using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other forms of social media. This is because these tools are always available and often fit in the budget.

Oh, and speaking of blogs, establishing a web presence through blogging is easy and cheap. Writing gives your business a voice. For small businesses, blogging is about providing information and value. And don’t be afraid to add a personal voice and opinion to it. Unique online content boosts brand awareness, drive search traffic, and let’s you engage with new and existing customers. You’ve just gotta focus on the platforms where potential customers are likely to be and give them what they want.

There’s so much more that could be said about social media’s benefits, but we can’t do this all day.

So take this with you:

Social media moves rapidly. As a business owner you must be adaptable if you want to compete with the Cool Kids in your space. And social media is cool. Business is all about relationships. Listen to your fans and followers and show interest in them. Jump for joy when the feedback is good, and jump on the problem if it is not so good. Either way, customers love a responsive business. And responding via social media is easy. Social media takes a lot of time, but is worth it. Often it’s hard to see the ROI right away on social media efforts. But if you invest the time and stay the course, it will pay off.

Stay Social Friends!

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