Staying Focused and Motivated folks are busy! It’s true entrepreneurs and business owners wear many many, many hats (berets, toboggans, baseball caps, etc.).

People tell you to focus in order to succeed in business. You don’t think I know that? DUH! The real struggle is how to stay focused and motivated when so many things demand your attention?

Enter the holiday season! How can I stay focused during the holidays with the “must go” family gatherings, “party over here — party over there” weekends, and the infamous trips to every mall within a 50-mile radius to find some toy that has been sold out since September! REALLY?!

In the busy month of December, Girl Social wants to help you both run your business AND keep your sanity. And we’re posting several blogs dedicated to doing just that. So, let’s go!

Here are some tips to keep you focused and motivated.

1. Get a Routine

No one wants to live an boring existence. New experiences are exciting and interesting, but routines can actually help keep you in check. I know this sounds all “Self Help”, but It’s a good idea to do little things like: set your alarm for the same time each weekday morning and head to the office/computer at approximately the same time each day. Trying to scramble and figure out your work hours each day is a waste of time and energy, and hampers your productivity.

2. Stay on Task

It’s amazing what you can do if you buckle down and shut out distractions. Schedule time to read and reply to emails. Don’t get distracted on social media sites! If you have the budget for it, hire a someone to manage your social media for you. If you do not have a budget for social media management take advantage of free sites that allows you schedule tweets & FaceBook post, check out Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. Any task you can schedule the night before will save you time the next day. Taking breaks are fine — in fact, it’s necessary to avoid burn-out — but schedule your breaks into your day rather than taking them at a whim.

3. Get A Buddy

You have an exercise buddy right? You may even have a drinking buddy..LOL. Why not consider getting a buddy to act as a “motivational buddy”. Someone who can hold you accountable if you haven’t accomplished your business goals. Your buddy can check in on you to see how you’re doing and to encourage you if needed. Tell your buddy what your goals so that they can check on your progress. For some people, it really helps to know someone is “looking over their shoulder.”

4. Nice Boss

Just because you are your own boss, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a nice one. Give yourself time off and breaks to rejuvenate. On the other hand, crack down on yourself when things aren’t getting done. A little self discipline goes along way and will help you become more productive and profitable.

Staying Motivated and Focus is especially hard during the Fa la la la la la la la la. season. But hopefully these simple tips will keep you on the track to a successful 2015!

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