360: Feminism and Islam

A conversation about Islam and feminism can easily turn into a politically fueled debate driven by fear and anger. (Just read our YouTube comments this week- heyo!) But that’s not our style. We’re not here to defend anything or anyone and we’re definitely not here to tell you what to believe. We’re here to celebrate. This week, we’re acknowledging and including a group of women who get to hold the mic much less often than they should: Muslim women who identify as feminists.

If you’re looking for a bottomless browse-session of beauty and fashion, look no further than Saima Chowdhury’s lifestyle blog! With her infectious personality and painfully chic aesthetic she is definitely your next girl crush. Follow her blog and her YouTube channel for sexy hijab tutorials, Q&As and beauty secrets!

Not only is this an excellent commentary on the history of sexual evolution, it is also an emotional look at how there is a gaping hole in the history of muslim women’s sexual liberation.

Here is a shocking and very real look into the life of muslim women. Tasbeeh Herwees bringing the fire with this never before seen footage.

Watch our episode from this week to learn more about one Muslim woman’s view on what the relationship between feminism and Islam mean to her.

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