Learning New Sports at Our Day of Play

“It was so fun meeting new people.”

“I loved everything we did today!”

“I love Girls in the Game!”

These are phrases that appeared quite often as I was going through the surveys from our Winter Day of Play that took place on February 2nd. On that day, 231 girls from all parts of Chicago came together for a day of comradery, sports, learning and, most importantly, for fun!

As we gathered in the southwest part of Chicago for five hours to learn new sports, health and leadership topics I saw smiles and excitement from the time girls entered the building to the time they left. During our Day of Play, there were seven rotations that took place.

The girls played floor hockey, learned new rugby skills with the Chicago Women’s Rugby Club, practiced yoga and meditation and learned about “sit volleyball”. Sit volleyball was our adaptive sports rotation with the Chicago Park District where the girls learned about how people with disabilities can play sports with a few adaptations; in this case, having all the players sit on the volleyball court and lowering the net allows everyone to play!

After their sports rotations, the girls had three health and leadership rotations where they learned about smart eating, healthy body image and self-esteem and the importance of Title IX. As you can see, the day was jam-packed with activities, but the highlights for me was truly seeing new friendships form, girls diving into new sports with no fear and witnessing their ability to put themselves out there without hesitation.

This courageousness happens often in our programs.

At Girls in the Game we take pride in creating an environment that makes our participants feel comfortable and confident with sharing their thoughts and ideas and trying new things.

I am so lucky that in my position at Girls in the Game I can be a part of creating days like our Winter Day of Play, where all these awesome girls get to meet each other and learn from one another. Having the opportunity to play sports when I was younger had such a positive impact in my life and is what drives me to provide all those same valuable opportunities for girls in our programs today.

Hear an “in the field” interview with some of the girls who attended the Day of Play!

Alecia Ivery is the Girls in the Game Citywide Initiatives Manager