A Citrus Summer Mood Board

I don’t know about the weather where you’re living, but it’s been snowing for four days straight in Munich and I’m ready for a tiny hint of summer. Today’s mood board will give us a taste with a citrus summer.

Mood Board Monday: A Citrus Summer

It's a delicious summer mood board from Girl Vs. City | www.girlvscity.com

I LOVE citrus fruit. I could eat grapefruit all day, every day. Now that we live in Munich, I can! When we lived in India, I had to wait until we were in Egypt, and we had to be there in the winter due to the highly seasonal produce availability.

The colors in this board really excite me. I tried to not do too typically citrus with my color pulls, and select some of the more subtle tones. I may have to redo this board with some shockingly bright colors. Maybe there will be a citrus part two?

My mind is already buzzing with ideas and different ways I can move with these colors. This may be one of the first boards I work on where I don’t feel like I need to add a few extra colors!

Mood Board Monday with Girl Vs. City | www.girlvscity.com

The Dance

Last week’s board was The Dance — a very soft and subtle, feminine, flowery color run. I imagined the stiff tulle and soft silks adorned with embroidery. I decided to create a collection based on embroidery and then interject some fun accents, like a quirky paisley or a multilayered leaf.

I sketched pages and pages of flowers, looking for the ones that really stuck out for movement. I wanted the individual pieces to have a little bit of a lyrical flow to them, without being too obvious about the movement.

When I finished and got to work on creating my patterns, I created my hero and a few secondary patterns, and then a few more heroes. I decided to forgo a tight and tidy collection with a hero, supporting, and running patterns, and just have some fun. That’s why creation for yourself is so fun, isn’t it? You can buck the rules and not worry about meeting someone’s design breakdown.

My Patterns

I did end up adding a yellow for an accent, which then came to play a little bit brighter in some of the secondary color ways. I’m not completely against this. When I was working in the color, I was really challenged with creating pieces that were visible. I felt the peachy orange pulled from the ballet shoes stuck out too much, the taupe pulled too grey, almost like a taupe, and muted the pink, and the silver didn’t have enough depth to be a strong addition.

I really enjoy the way the flowers on the bottom two color ways look like flowing skirts. The petals just seem to move as if a ballerina is underneath doing an arabesque.

With the above patterns, even though it didn’t end up being a complete textile collection, I still had a few I fell in love with. Here’s some fun ideas with the patterns:

The Dancer repeating patterns by girlvscity.com
pouch Mockup
The Dancer repeating patterns by girlvscity.com
The Dancer repeating patterns by girlvscity.com
The Dancer repeating patterns by girlvscity.com
The Dancer repeating patterns by girlvscity.com
The Dancer repeating patterns by girlvscity.com
The Dancer repeating patterns by girlvscity.com

My favorites are the coffee mugs. Once I saw the pattern on the mugs, I instantly wanted them for my own morning cuppa.

Did you design with me this week? I’d love to see your pieces and short stories based on this mood board! Drop them below or tag me in your Pinterest postings for your patterns.

Ballet Sticker | www.girlvscity.com

Originally published at Girl Vs. City.