Detox Your Life: Day 16

It’s never too late to detox your life, and here we are on day 16!

We started with internal reflection, we moved into your visual environment, and now we are cleaning out your virtual environment! Yesterday we went through your cell phone and challenged you to clean out your aps. The response on my Facebook Page was phenomenal — so many of you found it to be refreshing and a much needed, but unthought of, change.

We are going to continue detoxing our digital environment today by moving to our e-mail.

Our e-mail detox will take three days — one day for deleting unread emails, one day for unsubscribing to email lists, and one for organizing the emails the you keep.

They joke that there are two type of people, as this viral tweet by Eli Langer (@EliLanger) so eloquently shows:


My e-mail tends to look like the one on the right every morning. I have 17 e-mails that filter into one, covering various aspects of multiple business accounts. It’s because of my email that we use Slack for communication at Pen Name Publishing. It can feel really hard to narrow down — newsletters, industry publications, press releases, notifications, and of course, shopping blasts!

Even though I’m a workaholic, I still have my weaknesses. I will never unsubscribe from Nordstrom, Kate Spade, or W email blasts.

With this being a three day process to build new habits and a better e-mail system through an inbox detox, today’s task is more than just deleting email.

As you check messages for deletion, make note of the accounts that you haven’t even opened. Search your inbox to see when the last time was that you opened an e-mail from this sender or list. If you have more than ten unopened emails in a row, or if they only send one per week and you have more than five, add them to a list. This list can be in a bullet journal, on a piece of paper, or an excel spreadsheet.

We will put that list to good use tomorrow!

Okay, detoxers, get to it!

Originally published at GirlVsCity.

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