Detox Your Life Day 9

Today I decided that I wanted to celebrate. I wanted to reward myself and do something nice as a pat on the back.

Do you know what I did? I went and bought a small chocolate and caramel candy bar. Only later, as I was feeling guilty and decided I needed to add on ten extra minutes of jumping rope, did I have an, “Ah, ha!” moment and COMPLETELY change the course of today’s challenge.

To truly detox, we must examine EVERYTHING that we do. You might be saying, “Hey, listen Dionne, it was one tiny candy bar. Treat yourself, it’s okay!” And I would reply with, “It is ABSOLUTELY okay to treat yourself — you deserve self love and too many rules makes life so boring.”

Then, I would counteract with when you treat yourself, don’t do something that only provides a temporary pleasure and leads to feelings of guilt in a few minutes or an hour.

Girls, you know what I’m talking about. The binge shopping and a trunk full of bags for a job well done. The triple decker ice cream Sunday for a goal weight. The hot Saturday tinder date for passing through a hard week of work that results in Sunday morning regret.

Now, I only had a small chocolate bar. I don’t mean an American, small, either. I mean a ‘rest of the world’ size small, so like an American XXXXSmall. And even though it was small, it led to regret and frustration later. If I wanted to celebrate, perhaps I could have gotten a manicure, or a new tube of lipstick, or taken a day at the pool (which in expat terms is spend a day being lazy in a pool side luxury cabana with a cappucino).

Here’s today’s challenge — in what ways are you giving yourself false praise or rewarding yourself in a way that leads you to move into a negative space later?

Make note in your journal, a piece of paper, or your own blog, then give yourself suggestions for ways to celebrate how amazing you are without removing the joy from your celebration. When you remove the joy from your celebrations, you’re attaching negativity to beautiful moments of your life.

My loves, you need to own every moment of your life. Treat yourself wisely, treat yourself with love, and pay attention to how you NEED to treat yourself.

Is this something you are noticing in your own life? Drop me a comment with the ways you are going to treat yourself better in your celebrations!



Originally published at GirlVsCity.

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