Detox Your Life Day Ten: Get Undressed

We are really going to be working on creating a harmonious environment. When doing this, one thing you will notice is that you start to detach yourself from material possessions. Often times, we put value on physical objects or use physical objects to hold on to memories. This is okay, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this, but it’s really easy to go overboard!

For example, we have a t-shirt that we will probably always keep. It is hands down the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen — teal with thin red zigzag lines Adidas monstrosity. My now husband had just bought it in the summer of 2012 when I was visiting him in India. When I packed my bags to head back to Uganda, I took it with me and I slept in it almost every night in the village. It gave me so much comfort, and I still smile when my husband wears it now (he has stolen it back).

It’s really easy to do this with clothing — we remember an event and how we felt by what we wear. This outfit on your first date, that outfit on your first kiss, etc. We hold on to things for hope — that slinky black dress for when you lose 20 more pounds, that certain pair of jeans you haven’t worn in years but MAY want to wear again, or those stilettos that hurt your feet and you can only wear for five minutes but may be cute with one outfit in six years.

The more clutter we have around us, the more clutter we hold in our brain, and the more clutter in our brain, the less room there is to work. You want to be aware, functioning, and present every moment of your day. This is hard to do when you’re stepping over barriers — physically and mentally.

Today’s task is to open those closet doors, those cupboards, those hidden boxes of knickknacks, whatever is full of things you haven’t used, and toss out five items.

Here is another tip I recently read in an article on minimizing your life:

If you aren’t sure if you’ll use it, or miss it, put it in a box. On the outside, attach a piece of paper that lists the contents and the date you sealed the box. If you find yourself in need of something, you can pull it out and mark it off the list. At the end of one year, if you have not opened that box, it goes to a charity store or in a garage sale.

Isn’t that a brilliant plan?

Have you tried anything like the ‘in the box for a year’ trick? What are your tips for my readers about how to detach from unnecessary items to cleanse your environment? Leave a comment below!

Originally published at GirlVsCity.

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