Mood Board Monday: Fly High

I am really starting to love Mood Board Monday, and today’s theme of Fly High has my mind whirling with potential ideas!

Last week’s mood board was super bright. Let’s refresh:

Mood Board Monday: Bright |

I really enjoyed creating some bright patterns and working with extremely vibrant colors. I showed my finished pattern set to a client, and they promptly optioned the print for some textiles! If you work in rights, you know optioning means they have exclusive rights to decide to use the print or not use the print for the next three months. If they don’t use the designs, I’ll get the rights back, and then I’ll share them with you.

In the meantime, on Friday, I wanted to play some more with bright colors, and I was a little inspired by the details on this flower. I loved the delicate dots running down the leaves and the soft curl of the petals. I sat down with a pencil, sketched some things out, and voila!

This is what I created over the next two hours.


First of all, this scan is horrendous. I know! The water-color paper was way too large for my scanner, and I’m still looking for professional scanning place in Munich. There are so many beautiful details that are gone, and this placement makes everything look a bit off. One I get a better scan, I’ll reshare. :D

I created this with pan watercolors from Koi, specifically, their travel palette set. I used a 140 lb/300 GSM paper and two thinner brushes, although I’m not sure of the exact size of these since they’re downstairs and I’m writing this blog snuggled into my comfy bed. Another piece I do not like during the scans is the watercolor wash isn’t visible, and instead looks like smudges of misplaced color in certain places, like behind the word ‘gold’. In person, the soft yellow wash is quite beautiful. In the scans and photographs, this looks like a big boo boo. A strong learning lesson!

For the lettering, I used two different inks. The pink is a shellac ink from Sennelier, and while I have never worked with a shellac ink before, I LOVED THIS MEDIUM! I loved working with it so much that I returned to the art store the next day and bought two more shades. The ink flows so beautifully with a brush and you can also water it down like an acrylic ink. The gold, I am not so happy with. I used an acrylic ink, undiluted, but it was SO STUBBORN. This is four coats of ink, it’s still too light in some places, too concentrated in others, and overall, not the right finished vibe. I’m not sure if I could ever feel like this gold was truly finished. When you’re doing lettering, you don’t want to have to go over the form multiple times. You start to lose shape, you start to get bobbles, and as you can see in the gold, you lose the organic flow of good brush lettering. I have some flow issues in the word ‘you’, largely due to never before using the slicker shellac ink, but I’m confident these will be cleared out on my next piece.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this mood board. And, if my first pattern makes it to product or if it gets returned, I cannot wait to share that with you in the future!

This week’s board: Fly High

Fly high moodboard from

This week’s mood board is BEAUTIFUL, largely inspired by my mother’s blog, It’s Never An Empty Nest. She is currently rebranding, revamping, and creating her content plan like a good little girl. While this mood board is not her palette, I was inspired by all of the beautiful birds and feathers that I found while helping her search for her forever branding. This board also has the stunning Kingfisher, my husband’s favorite bird, and a true symbol of our time in India.

I’m excited to see how this board pushes me this week. For one, I don’t work with these colors often. I’m not a huge fan of orange, but I truly love the way these tones came together to create a truly beautiful option to work within.

What are you working on this week? Did you create any pieces with last month’s mood board? Share them with me in the comments below!

Originally published at Girl Vs. City.