The Year Of Passionate People

Welcome to an Elite 2018, the year of passionate people.

Make 2018 elite with

This is the year of changing your life, your outlook, and what you think you’re capable of.

My friends, you are capable of beautiful and wondrous things if you will only let yourself believe. I previously mentioned that 2018 is all about creating an elite life for yourself. We’re going to do this together by learning about your passions and feeding them ferociously. I mean, we are going to straight gravage your passion. We are going to insert a feeding tube into your soul and nourish your passion with every ounce of focus we can drum up.

I don’t know about you, but I am beyond excited to spend this year embracing everything I love until it can’t take anymore.

When I’m working with my clients and helping them to design their life in a way that fits their dreams and goals, I notice a common thread that creates discourse. I work with very passionate, energetic, creative, excited clients — but they surround themselves with funsuckers.


In life, we often surround ourselves with people we feel we have to keep around. We all have people in our lives that the following will apply to:

  • don’t want to hear your idea
  • don’t think your dream is valid
  • don’t see value in your time
  • don’t see possibilities for physical manifestations of your goals
  • don’t see a need to even set goals
  • don’t see value in their own lives and challenge your need to think big

I could have continued that list and given many more examples of people who aren’t playing on your team. These warm bodies simply fill space in your life and feed the negative voice in the back of your head that creates blocks. When you aren’t reaching your financial goals, business goals, creativity goals, or seeing materializations of your manifestations, you’re often blocked. While we do block ourselves, it’s usually a byproduct of subconscious messages we receive from those around us. While we know that certain relationships do not serve our needs, we feel obligated to keep them. These relationships can be childhood friends, business associates, co-workers, family, friends of friends, and even people we put too much value into because we just don’t know any better.

When you find yourself in this position, you don’t necessarily need to do what I did and do a deep clean — especially if you’re not ready. The very process of cleaning people from your life can be stressful. We are told it’s beneficial, we see people doing this day in and day out all over the place, every guru says to JUST DO IT and cut those chords. And yes, even I advocate this because freeing yourself from negative ties is a huge step in personal and emotional growth. It’s a way to tell yourself that you matter and you put yourself first, and, it sends a clear message to negative influences that you just don’t have time for their bullshit while you’re busy taking over the world.

If you’re not ready to grab those big ol’ scissors and cut the red tape that binds you, you can still move forward towards living your passions, having an elite year, and surrounding yourself with positive influences. And, I suggest you start taking these steps immediately. The more you put positive people who want to see you reach your goals and succeed in your inner circle, the more you will see yourself taking the necessary steps towards true fulfillment.


Finding new people can be extremely difficult, and you may even face backlash from expanding your circle. But, they say you are an average of the five people you spend the most time with. If you look at these people, are they the five people you want to be an average of? Does that average meet or service your goals?

Here’s a few ways to start building your power pack.

  • Join a meet-up group that embraces your overall goal or a piece that will improve your every day: a healthy lifestyle, entrepreneurship, or creativity.
  • Take a class at your local art center, library, small business clinic, etc…
  • Attend events and conferences in your desired area of improvement and look for the people in the room who are the most curious, taking the most notes, asking the best questions, or the most involved.
  • Put yourself into new situations: go to dinner alone, go to the movies alone, etc. When you’re free of negative influences, you’ll notice more about yourself and also attract people who see the positive energy you’re putting out!
  • Ask to attend functions with the powerful people in your life and integrate with those they consider positive influences.

An easy and effective way to start living an elite year and to feed your passion is to surround yourself with passionate people. Their messages will start to infiltrate your subconscious and you’ll find that you mimic those you spend the most time with. Are you full of negative messages? Who feeds these messages or plants these messages? Are you constantly feeling down on yourself or like your goals are too big? Who encourages these thoughts?

Remember, friends, you and you alone have ownership over your life. At any moment, you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and drop a huge glitter bomb on your life. No one will take that first step for you, but I’m here to give you a weekly push every Monday!

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Originally published at Girl Vs. City.