Thursdate: Best Month Ever

Are you ready to have your best month ever?

Today is the first edition of a new series on my blog — Thursdate. My Thursday blogs have one reason only — to have the best month ever! One way I plan to accomplish this in my own life is by dating myself. Every Thursday, I’m going to tell you about the dates that I took myself on.

I am gearing up for a major change in my life. After spending the last six years living in India with stints in Uganda, my husband and I are only one week away from taking that final plane ride out of India. I will be spending a few solo weeks back in the USA before we head to our next home. If you follow my social media, you may know where we are heading. But for the purpose of my Thursdates, I’m going to keep that a secret and tease you a bit longer here on the ol’ bloggie blog.

Knowing that I’ll have some time back in Indianapolis, I decided July would be the perfect month to do a “Spread the Love” Challenge! I want to use every minute of my time trying to find a way to make someone else’s day better.

Get ready to #FeedYourHappy next month. Here’s my challenge:

Feed Your Happy with the Best Month Ever: Spread The Love Challenge |

On the final Monday of each month, I will deliver a ‘Best Month Ever’ challenge in my #FeedYourHappy series. You can participate and chat with other people out to feed their happy in our Facebook Group.

And, if you want to issue your own challenges to group members, or on your blog, I’ve created a Best Month Ever Challenge printable template that you can use!

Best Month Ever Challenge Printables from

Have the Best Month Ever or challenge your blog readers to a month long challenge with this FREE printable TEMPLATE from

In this file set, you will have the jazzed up version above as well as a simple greyscale version. If you use this, tag me on social media so I can participate and spread the word about your great challenge!

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