An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

It boggles my mind that someone who claims to have a college degree, who I would assume has a basic understanding of math, wouldn’t figure out her projected cost of living vs. her net monthly income before accepting a job w/ minimal wage in one of most expensive places to live in the country!!! Even if a million red flags did not go up before embarking on this newest chapter of independence, I am guessing that after the first month of living on your own you could clearly see you would not be able to “make it” given your current income & employment status, instead of writing tweets about how you should be entitled to higher wages, you & your soon to be homeless starving co-workers should’ve gotten one brain cell together & maybe start advertising for roommates to share expenses on those little white boards!!! Maybe one of those co-workers might have had a car that you could’ve car pooled to work, or maybe if 4 people lived together you could’ve gotten a place closer to work, or maybe shared cost of groceries, utilities, and/or transportation. Maybe you could’ve gotten a second job to help supplement your income and saved some of it while your roommates helped defray your current costs, and eventually moved out on your own & live the high life you feel entitled to, after you have paid your dues and worked your way up the ladder like everyone else!!! Please get over yourself, bust your butt like everyone else, stop whining over your inflated sense of entitlement (when there are actual real injustices going on in the world), take all of these responses as your dose of “real world” advice, brush up on your common sense, find a new job or two, get some roommates, and file this experience under valuable life lesson learned!!

The saddest thing about your letter is your sense of entitlement & lack of common sense. I was the first one in my family to go to college, I got student loans (I actually had no idea that people’s parents paid for their college education) so it really irritates me when I hear people say “My family couldn’t afford college” or “I couldn’t afford..” Because that is BS…the government is more than happy to give you money for school provided you pay it all back plus some healthy interest (that is another story)!! I worked all through college, got a job straight out of college, sometimes two jobs when needed to make ends meet. I worked full time, paid off my undergrad loan, then went back to Grad school (paid for that myself, too), continued to work, took classes at night & worked a second job on evenings and weekends to pay off my grad school loans, so please, like some other people said time to put your Big Girl Panties on!! I never once thought telling my employers how they were starving me to death and forcing me into homelessness, BTW, not the best way to move up the corporate ladder!

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