I won’t lie, sometimes, I wish I landed on the moon. I love that one moon we often see, I am pretty sure I’ve seen two different moons in total, but anyways… our moon is very beautiful. Ever since 4 years ago and very weird experiences, my moon relationship has gotten more intense. I stare at the moon every single day, it somehow, demanded and actively demands great attention from me. It gives me large amounts of heat and at times wakes me up. I wish I can speak to an expert about the moon, perhaps they can explain more to me.

But, all I know is that I inspect the moon every night, both with my telescope and benaculars and recently I’ve been seeing spots of bright lights, it looks very much identical to the lights on planet Earth when seeing from space. Which eases many questions for me, keep in mind the light from the moon is reflected light from the sun. So, I am thinking, there has to be civilization there. The artificial lights are obvious. I wish to visit Vatican City to get intimate with other planets and universe using the most powerful, largest and expensive telescope on this planet sitting in their possesion. The experience must be fascinating and I’m sure the evidence tells a very different story than the masses know. I wonder if any of us can visit? I have another concern, is the light from the sun, bouncing to the moon and then to me, safe and healthy? Something common sense tells me my experience with the moon, that it is a fantastic source of energy.

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