The annual FOSS4G held this year at Bucharest, Romania, is the go-to-conference for the latest in open source geospatial software. This is the conference where the open source geospatial tech experts meet the users and stakeholders from a wide variety of organizations representing private and public sector instances from different parts of the world. In this blog post, we’ll share some of our pre-conference-notes hoping that they’ll serve you as well!

FOSS4G is not just a tech conference, it’s also a place where the user needs meet the tech and another way around. Gispo has been at this global annually organized conference since 2011, from the States to e.g.

So, mapping agencies are going full-steam on PostGIS, the geospatial database choice of modern times. Recently, we at Gispo studied briefly the utilization of PostGIS within national mapping agencies. As one of the concluding remarks, we could say that the majority of the mapping agencies we looked into leverage PostGIS for storing and editing, or analyzing and deriving insights out of geospatial data.

For the readers that aren’t familiar with PostGIS; it is a geospatial database extension for the open source Relational Database Management System PostgreSQL. It’s a robust, well-known and stable database environment for storing and analyzing geospatial data.

Institut Géographique National, the French mapping agency, together with Ordnance Survey seem to hold the first place on the complexity and volume of the usage on PostGIS. …

For some reason, tutorials related to spatial SQL seem to focus on finding and analyzing the locations of bars. This tutorial goes in the line and helps the learners in analyzing those datasets on bars in their preferred locations with some spatial SQL in QGIS 3. First and foremost, QGIS 3 is a great tool for this!

So, what we want to do is calculate the number of bars per neighborhood in the city of Leon, Mexico. With quite a few service points (INEGI: dataset on services DENUE) and big set of neighborhoods (Iplaneg) in the whole state of Guanajuato (where Leon is located), the best way to resolve this puzzle was with spatial SQL. …


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