Would you go back to school?

I am experiencing what I most people have experienced too at least once in their lifetime: a quick unexpected change in our career leading to a new path. After being employed, I recently decided to put all my effort and energy into a freelancing activity in the fantastic digital marketing field applied to the industry I really feel mine: tourism & travel.

Why? Because I saw the opportunity, not only for my career but for myself as well. But while goals can always be clear in a project, there’s always a bit of “unknown” coming along the way.

Crazy creative energy

The incredible energy I usually experience in front of the unknown is booming: a creative energy that makes a brush and colors appear in my hand with a rising urge to paint what I see or feel. A pen comes naturally to me and before I even realize I am already crafting the next piece of content.

When this all meets the curiosity that is part of yourself, it combines with reading a lot and inspiration knocks your door incredibly easily.

But sometimes it seems you start a thousand fantastic things and get done just 1%.

Definitely, in front of a blank page, everyone needs a clear direction to start with.

If you are this kind of person too, you know what I mean when I talk about feeling overwhelmed by your own energy: I loose focus, I waste time in meaningless activities just for the sake of them, following my inner momentaneous mood flow.

Sounds familiar?

The truth is that when you don’t have but yourself to set limits, your inner child comes out & wants to go play.

Yet, to help my inner child focus more on what really matters, I started to look for a pattern to stick to and I recently read books about productivity such as “The one thing” by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan and “Essentialism” by Greg McKeown (suggested by my mentor, L.F.). Even if they are very very very good books, they are actually not adding anything new to what everybody agrees on in nowadays culture; yet, I found them very helpful because…

Their message positively forces me to get “back to school”

I don’t mean to go literally back to studying but back to a set pattern, an already-in-use systematic approach to simply get things done & definitely back to learning if the system itself supports your personality and thus enhance your workflow.

But it’s proving to be more powerful than that

The systematic research of your ultimate goal suggested by both books (be it professional life, private life, in your favorite sport, or everywhere else) is pushing me to question myself, my personality and my attitude towards the steps I take in all aspects of my life.

It forces me to have a better long term focus on all the situations I put myself in. It helps me realize who I am, come back to what I am deeply passionate about and definitely helps concentrate all my creative positive energy — so random spread sometimes — into daily batches to reach my ultimate goal.

But here comes the assumption:

Have you already pictured your ultimate goal?

Then by sticking to the right pattern, things will come easy.

But if you haven’t yet, don’t despair, just go “back to school”: go back to learning something new for your job, to question an aspect of your life or personality, go traveling, read a book, talk to a friend or even to unknown people, dig into the passions you once had no time to cultivate properly.

Just do something, don’t get stuck!

Pushing yourself to a renovated attitude will help you so much having a better understanding of yourself, the life you want and the one you live and definitely will help you find the way to reach your full potential.

Success is around the corner! But …

Would you go back to school to get it?

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