Online easy fundraising practices for small NGOs

Human beings are social animals, they like to feel special and reaching supporters individually is likely to help an organization in many ways. But remember, it is better to send them a message as an individual rather than as a whole organization. Online technology is growing relentlessly, and it is technology only which has hold the people together. With the help of internet, people are getting aware of the social problems, and are making an effort to bring a change in the world.

Today, with the widespread of internet, it is an opportuneness not only for e-commerce merchants, but also for NGOs that can accept donations on their websites. Let’s look into some good online easy fundraising practices for small NGOs?

Some online fundraising practices for small NGOs

1. Launch a new website which is mobile- optimized

The first thing that a NGO need to do is to launch a new website that is mobile compatible, as smartphones now has all the features and in the near future the majority traffic would occur on a mobile device. Small NGOs can use various tools such as Wix, Weebly and Squarespace to launch a modern, well-designed websites which are mobile compatible and easy to use and update at times. The website templates should include social media content and set the fees as low as possible. The website should be in multiple languages so that it can be understood by audience globally.

NGOs can also use as a CMS for their website and download a free, low cost theme to design a mobile- optimized website and attract people. CMS is a Content Management System which makes it easy for the owners to update and edit their website over time.

2. Launch an e-newsletter

E-newsletter are publications which are based on topics that interest people, which are regularly developed and distributed by businesses, charitable organizations, and religious bodies. It is an effective way to maintain relationship between the organizations and their audience.

NGOs should invest their time and financial resources into publishing an e-newsletter at least twice a month. It is important for an NGO to see that e-newsletters that are sent.

3. Accept online donation

Once the website is ready, NGOs then should add a “Donate Now” button to their home page and every page of their website and blog.

People love to help but are willing to donate more when it doesn’t come with much efforts. The simpler, the better. NGOs should make it easy for the people by adding different amounts in a checkout. The main benefit of putting a donation button on the website is that people can donate anytime and anywhere, 24/7. But there are many organizations and NGOs who don’t have any technical person on their board and hence they usually don’t implement payments on their websites. In the light of this, the NGOs can use a tool called Payzard, which let you put a donation button on the website within minutes via drag and drop. And to accept real donations, you have to choose one of over 100 payment gateways from the list supported by Payzard. All donations can be managed directly through the website this tool also provides an easy-to-use statistics so that an NGO can track the number of money received at any time.

It is difficult for many NGOs to accept online donations, due to limited online banking facilities not all NGOs are accept online donations. But with the help of, NGOs now can accept online donations in almost 76 currencies.

4. Social media

NGOs can promote their websites using social media platform. They should create their own page of their NGO in order to get their ideas and policies known to the audience. It’s easier to convince young people to help on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram to promote the good cause. They should publish well-designed graphic on the main page of their website and use inspirational quotes, slogans to gain attention.

5. Engage in any occasion

Apart from the ways discussed above, there are many other ways to convince people to donate and to gain their attention. As, NGOs can organize events or run campaigns to promote themselves, and use online tools, such as Google, Pinterest board or Facebook Fundraisers. And put a target on their website to encourage people to make donations.

6. Let the action speaks

Action speaks louder than word!

The results achieved by an NGO speaks the best through the hard work done. Once the work done makes an effect, the grants and funds will automatically come seeking the NGO. NGOs should not say that they care but demonstrate it through their meticulous actions

7. Study and mimic large NGOs

Small NGOs should learn a lot by studying the online easy fundraising and social media campaigns of large NGOs and can exceed in their field by getting inspired by the work and ideas of large one. Therefore, they should analyse their websites and donation pages, subscribe to their e-newsletters, and follow them on social media. They should learn new innovations, techniques and ways to attract people and persuade them to donate for a better cause.

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