Top 5 Tips for a Successful Mobile Crowdfunding Campaign

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Do you need finance your project through crowdfunding? It pulls together a community to raise capital online for the creation of a product, project, event, campaign, business, or work of art. Make your crowdfunding campaign more accessible for millennials, as they browse internet more on their smartphones. It can reach significantly more contributors by being mobile-friendly.

Mobile fundraising has changed the way of crowdfunding. It helps on-the-go donors give. One of the best advantages of mobile giving is to reach out to a younger tech savvy generation and provide options to update whenever, wherever. People are increasingly choosing to donate through their mobile devices.

Give Central go mobile church app offers a platform for mobile fundraising instantly to nonprofits and churches. Using this platform, donors can donate directly on its website without any installation or up gradation of software. They also have the flexibility to give on their computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Here we go to make your mobile crowdfunding campaign successful.

1. “Tell a story” about your campaign

Any successful campaign needs a story. Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools for effective fundraising online. You should tell your potential funders how your project idea can benefit them. Your story should be clear, engaging, and humanizing. The more powerful your story, and the way you execute it, has more chances to transform your passive readers into active donors and make your crowdfunding campaign a success. End your story with a call-to-action such as attend an event, make a donation, share campaign with your peers, sign up for a newsletter, etc.

2. Build rapport

Once trust has been established, your existing supporters and donors may help you to raise a large amount of capital to meet your goals.

In order to develop relationship with your donors, you need to keep all donations transparent and give them details about how exactly you’re going to use their money. It will help you build trust in your organization and credibility in your campaign.

3. Choose the right platform

The success of your mobile crowdfunding campaign is only depending on selecting a right tool. There is plenty of overlap in many of mobile fundraising tools, and it is more crucial to choose the right one that could meet to your nonprofit’s needs.

Give Central provides the technical support to your staff, supporters, and donors need to drive success. You can also take the advantage of its electronic communication tools to reach out your potential donors on your mobile.

4. Take the advantage of your social channels

Use social channels before, during, and after your fundraising campaign. How to use social media networks to achieve mobile crowdfunding success? Despite increasing popularity of crowdfunding, your audience may or may not familiar with it, so you need to focus on using different communication tools such as social media platforms, email marketing and others.

Social media provides the great impact on the success of your fundraising campaign. When you plan a campaign, you need to focus on social channels providing the most impact such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Different social platforms help individuals and organizations increase awareness of your fundraising campaign and help spread your words virally. It will definitely appeal to potential donors willing to donate to your crowdfunding campaign.

5. Make a habit of saying Thank You to all of your supporters

Send individual thank you notes to your audience behind the campaign and donors for their contribution and donations. It is a great way to communicate with all your supporters personally. This’ll make them realize that their support is actually making a significant impact on your organization’s mission. Showing gratitude could help you to get back your donors to your next fundraising campaign.

Give Central allows fundraisers to easily create an online crowdfunding campaign for any school or organizational need. Its mobile app makes it easier for fundraisers to raise dollars at fundraising events on smartphones and tablets.

A successful crowdfunding campaign requires clear vision, passion, and strategic plan that can be executed. By keeping these things in mind, nonprofit organizations can make their mobile crowdfunding campaign successful and increase revenue.