Behind the Lens: Lost 80’s 35mm Negatives — Part 3

1987 Billy Idol at L.A. Forum guest Eddie Van Halen

Billy Idol at The Forum 1987

Part 1 — Behind the Lens: Blast from the Past — Discovering Lost 80’s Concert 35mm Negatives

Part 2 — Ozzy Osbourne’s Ultimate Sin Tour 1986

Please keep in mind that I did not have a professional photo pass for these shows. Literally just a kid smuggling in a 35mm Canon A1.

Part III — Billy Idol’s Whiplash Smile Tour

May 08, 1987 — The Forum, Inglewood, CA

Whiplash Smile was the third studio album by Billy Idol. Released in October of 1986 by Chrysalis Records. This was the follow up album to the hugely successful, Rebel Yell.

The Cult was the opening band on the ’87 Idol tour

Guitarist Steve Stevens

Guitarist Eddie Van Halen makes a surprise appearance and plays “Mony Mony” with the band.

Eddie Van Halen (white shirt) makes unannounced appearenace
These actually came out a lot better than expected. Especially since I was sitting in the back of the L.A. Forum

Photos By: Michael Young

See ya on the road — — Safe Travels!

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