Protecting your magic simply means to protect that thing that makes you you and don’t let ANYONE change that.

CHAPTER 2: How To Begin To Love Yourself

There are stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and it plays throughout our minds like a tape recorder. On that tape are snippets of what we have heard from our parents, our friends, school mates, videos and magazines for our entire lives. We have to undo all of the things that are negative on that tape and change the story we tell ourselves.

  1. Get rid of the negative influences in your life:

I am not going to go into a review of the three laws of energy but the first law of Energy states that Energy can neither be created nor destroyed — just transferred. Have you ever been in a really good mood then go around certain people who are constantly negative then all of a sudden your mood changes? That is because their negative energy was transferred to you, so now your mood has totally changed and you have been negatively affected. Negative energy is toxic and poisonous. You have to get rid of everything and everyone whose sole purpose is to keep you feeling down.

2. Find out what you love to do and do exactly that:

Expand your mind, learn something new, go outside of your comfort zone, do something different. Find out what makes you happy.

3. Shift Your Self-Perception:

Make a list of things YOU believe YOU want to change and make a goal list. Make sure the list is something you can actually work towards achieving and most of all, be patient with yourselves. Change most likely won’t happen in a day. Take baby steps and don’t try to do too much too fast. You will get overwhelmed and if change doesn’t happen fast enough, you may lose interest.

4. Make Affirmations and say them throughout the day:

Use affirmations that actually speak to you because you have to believe them. For example, “I make time for what is most important to me.” If that is not your truth, your subconscious will reject it and it won’t work. Make post-it-notes around your area or create alerts on your phones that will give you the lift you need.

Rev. Run said that if you truly loved yourself, I mean really loved yourself, you would NEVER take anything less than what you deserve from a man. You wouldn’t put up with all of his bullshit but somehow we have been programmed to believe that a certain amount of bullshit is acceptable. No relationship is perfect and relationships are filled with ups and downs but bullshit is a whole other beast.

LESSON FOR TODAY….No one can do anything to you that you don’t allow. The only way a man can walk all over you is if you lie down.

I am in no way a therapist or a counselor of any kind so depending on what your experience is, you may need to seek professional help. But you are worth the effort. Life don’t owe you anything and you only get to go around once, you might as well be happy.

Stay tuned for Chapter 3: Getting yourself together first……..

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