Today the cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining momentum. Almost everyone has already heard about bitcoins and many people use them in their everyday life. When it comes to the value of our cryptocurrency, the issues of ensuring its safety and security are coming immediately.

How to save your cryptocurrency from stealing?

There are situations when for security reasons, all the data stored on special devices or inside various gadgets must not be saved, but erased urgently and surely. Not falling into extremes, it is rare but such situations still occur in our real life.

A clear example of it can serve as a recent story with the founder of ForkLog Anatoly Kaplan. During the search by the Ukrainian Security Service, one of the SBU officers attempted to bring the bitcoins to his purse. Kaplan’s lawyer called the Police, reported the alleged stealing. Perhaps Anatoly was lucky that he was able to prevent that robbery. But not always we have an intelligent lawyer who will save our situation.

Modern hardware wallets for storing cryptocurrency should assume 100% safety of your funds. But for some reason such device has not yet been developed and advanced scammers can steal your bitcoins at any time.

Soon there will be an advanced device for storing your cryptocurrency!

New hardware wallet — GIZA DEVICE should ensure the safety of your data. The developers of the device focus on its security by developing: a custom master password, two steps Authentication System and Emergency Data Erasure.

Emergency Data Erasure

An innovative feature offered by GIZA device is Emergency Data Erasure, which can be activated in 3 different ways:

a) Pseudo Master Password input. This password is generated during the setting up procedure with the Real Master. You simply act as if you were inputting a real Master Password and erase all your sensitive data at one shot.

b) Secret joystick combination. It can be configured at any time in Settings. It works just like a Pseudo Master Password. The only difference is that no one would ever think you are inputting a command to your GIZA!

c) Incorrect input of the Master Password more than X times. This number can be set up in and out of use. Classy issue.

Can third parties receive your data?

All devices’ backups will be stored within the Blockchain System and Encrypted. No one has even a chance to access your personal data. And at the same time your cryptoassets, personal keys and files are protected from being hacked or stolen thanks to the intelligent Encryptyon. But it’s still just an option. Users have the right to decide whether they need a back-up or not.

The encrypted blockchain of the back-up feature will allow users to restore all their tokens into a new GIZA in case the device is stolen or loss of data due to Emergency Data Erasure or any unforeseen reason.