The Gizer Marketplace

Gizer’s Marketplace is on the brink of being rolled out to our iOS and Android applications. The new feature aims to add yet another layer of opportunity to the Global Gaming Network.

What is the Gizer Marketplace?

The Gizer Marketplace offers “Service” providers on our network an incredible opportunity to monetize their skills, sell products to gamers, and collaborate with other members of the gaming community (hosts, businesses, venues, etc). Gizer’s marketplace currently uses Paypal as a means of transacting, however we are also working with another processor to accept other currencies.

The adoption of mutltiple currencies as accepted payment on the Gizer Marketplace, and the ability for any individual to offer their services to the gaming community for a profit are major steps forward in our mission to connect the entire gaming community. As of this posting, the Gizer platform already featured several ‘Services’, each of whom have showcased their unique service/product through Gizer’s simple, 3-step listing process.

Seems cool…but how does it work?

Here are a few practical examples of the various transactions/connections that occur within the Marketplace:

A logo/GFX designer creates their ‘Service’ listing, and then sells his/her designs to gamers for payment.

A small custom jersey business lists custom jerseys on the Gizer network. They can now utilize the Gizer network and sell directly to consumers, or pair up with hosts and sponsor events with their product/service, ultimately increasing their brand’s visibility.

A streamer, caster, or coach can offer their services to the community, and monetize their vital skills in a more direct, point-of-sale friendly environment.

What are the benefits for non-‘Services’?

Gizer is the ‘Global Gaming Network’, meaning the addition of a feature like the Gizer Marketplace enhances the network for all members of the gaming community.

Hosts and Venues can leverage the Gizer Marketplace to discover or purchase the services they need to more effectively run their events. Instead of searching for streamers, promoters, and sponsors for hours on twitter, Hosts and Venues can now simply filter their search parameters to meet their needs.

Sponsors can connect with individuals capable of hosting quality events, or run their own by connecting with the different types of ‘Services’ who make running a competitive event possible.

Gamers on the Gizer platform can utilize the Marketplace to meet all of their gaming needs, from the freelance services of another individual to a physical product only produced by larger gaming businesses — the Gizer Marketplace will serve as the premier channel for gaming service/product discovery.

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