Gizer Platform Scalability

Our Vision: To create opportunity for all members of the global gaming economy.

Gizer uses a platform business model, which enables interactions between producers (hosts, services, and venues) and consumers (gamers). We are in the business of enabling interactions. Platform businesses scale through network effects. Our application carries a very strong network effect, meaning Gizer gets more valuable as more users join. This, in turn, attracts even more users, scaling the value creation further. Greater value creation attracts greater value consumption, and vice versa. The network effect creates positive feedback that enables systems to scale faster as they grow. We already have a core infrastructure in which users can leverage to monetize at a low marginal cost moving forward.

Our community will grow if we offer users repetitive interactions to match the offer from our hosts, service providers, businesses to the demand of our gamers. We are based on a free model for our users, implying we truly need one thing to be successful: increasing interactions between our users

Scalability Challenges:

Network Pull: Classic chicken and the egg problem. We must ensure a balance of producers vs gamers.

Network Match: Too many users doing the same thing. We must match hosts, services, businesses, and venues with gamers on a sustainable basis.

Content Creation: Gizer requires a constant stream of users willing to host events, offer services, sell product, list venues (Producers).

Consumption: Gizer requires gamers and participants to participate in events and service listings.

Curation: Gizer must pair complementary users to each other. But, we must also provide each user with curated information based on his or her interests.