How to Build Your Brand with Gizer

Gizer connects the entire gaming universe through a constant stream of tournaments, services and products found on the Gizer platform. Hosts, Businesses, and Services engage directly with Gamers through Gizer’s events and services feeds, providing any gamer with the opportunity to turn participants or customers into loyal followers, customers, and subscribers.

We’re building a network that connects the entire gaming community, starting with Clash Royale and Bazoo. If you’re interested in building your brand, growing a league, hosting events, or simply boosting your social presence within the community, Gizer is here to help.

  • Promote your own tournaments and services in real-time

On Gizer, anyone can create and host events in minutes, giving hosts the opportunity to run high-quality tournaments without spending hours promoting, planning, and hunting for sponsorships. Those with the entrepreneurial spirit can list their services or products using the same 3 step creation process, turning their skills into paying gigs in minutes. Once an event or service is listed, kickstart your own promotion and let the world know by sharing your event or service detail page on social media.

Sharing an Event Detail directly to social media is a great way to build your own competitive community.
  • Stand out from the crowd

Gizer’s fast, simple event creation process gives you the freedom to choose what works best for you and your audience. Whether it’s the tournament format, entry fees and prize pools, User-2-User communication, or even the ability to link your social profiles and streams, Gizer is here to help you build out your brand. That freedom to choose extends to Businesses and Services as well, allowing them to personalize their listings with custom pricing, imagery, and social linking.

Custom pricing bundles allow you to show off all of your skills and differentiate what it is that makes your service special.
  • Get yourself sponsored

Finding a sponsor is never easy, so we thought we would change the game. Why not make sponsors come to you? The businesses listed on Gizer’s services feed can offer Boost sponsorships to hosts who run high-quality events, meaning prominent members of the community will have a new an entirely new channel from which they can profit.

  • Engage with your audience in a whole new way

On Gizer, Hosts and Services will be able to build out their networks through participants and customers rather than subscribers and followers. Follow through and engage directly with your following using Gizer’s direct messaging and group chat features.

High quality hosts and services will grow their followings through their use of the Gizer platform, and we mean that. To help, we’ll feature your events on social media, pin your tournament to the top of Gizer’s event feed, and even sponsor Boost prizes for random events!

Join us at the forefront of our mobile gaming revolution and host your first event, or list your service today. To get more involved, apply at