Why Gizer?

1. We have a platform and we’re innovative. We’ve already validated new revenue models in the gaming space! We’re working with several established companies in VR, ad tech, and game development. You can see statistics on our beta application here. Gizer marketplace is also on the brink of public release; where gamers can turn their skills into paying gigs. Several eCommerce businesses are currently being on-boarded to the platform, where they will soon sell products, advertise, and further grow their brands through connections made on the platform.

2. New Ethereum technology. We’re going to eventually grow to millions of users. We‘ve’ adopted brand new, innovative code in our smart contract to allow our token, GZR, to be transferable without the need to hold Ether. This means token holders can pay gas in GZR. This also means we’re working on allowing users to send GZR from our mobile applications. We’re already seeing some of the gaming demographic adopt crypto, but this new tech will make the transition even easier.

3. We’ve done our legal due diligence. Cooley LP has done intensive study on our token use cases and applied it to existing securities law. We are conducting our sale from the U.S and believe we’re as compliant as possible for our offering.

4. The mobile sector of esports is growing at an incredible rate (~20% year over year according to Newzoo). Over 1 BILLION people are considered mobile gamers. Yet, there isn’t a network or infrastructure to support the uptick of interactions within the eSports economy. There is no network connecting producers and consumers. There isn’t a place right now that provides economics opportunity.

With your help, we’re going to change the game.

The Gizer Team

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