That Heineken Ad Isn’t Sweet; It’s Dangerous
Mirah Curzer

I disagree. When you talk about who has “equal footing” in a conversation, it means you equate dialogue with war. If the only purpose of a conversation is to establish who is right/wrong, who is winner/loser, who is smart/delusional, then you are right; this ad is “dangerous.” But what if, instead of establish dominion, a conversation’s purpose were to establish a common humanity with some shared experiences? If that were MY goal, I’d start up slow, build some non-confrontational communicative infrastructure, and THEN start talking about the hard stuff.

And, really, you’re mad that racism isn’t represented among the ideologies held by these people? It’s a freaking 4-minute beer commercial. Maybe it’s part of a campaign and we’ll get to see racists, ivory hunters, and wife beaters in the next commercial.

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