Space Made of Lego Blocks

Think of seconds as Lego blocks lined up next to each other. If each Lego is a second, and humans are on the Earth for 1 Lego, I started my way here 4 Legos ago. What you might call deep space, I would call home. For a very very long time, I was inside of a star so tightly packed, by a relatively immense gravity…yet every explosion — of which there were millions upon millions happening at any given moment — drove me away from the core.

On this way it went on for some time. In that space there is no static form as you might be familiar with. You’re just reacting, gaining, losing senses, abilities, mass, and all sorts of stuff. Nothing is wasted though, we use everything. You’re taken away and brought back and pushed and pulled and pull and push according to the myriad laws we all follow. Usually your family, close friends are near. The first ones you have a sense of. Of course sometimes the laws take us away for a time, but you always catch them now and again. Really simpler, faster times back then. Reactions were so often and familiar and a warmth you can’t imagine. It’s been a really long time since I’ve felt that. I understand you also have something similar in much denser spaces. I hope I can make my way out there somehow.

Anyhow, one clock nanosecond all hell broke loose. I was reacting and being reacted to and certified flying impossibly fast through dimensions and a completely new set of senses! Light was immediately gone in a flash? A flash the last traces of which I sensed here a about half a Lego ago.

Energy I am, and after that time I was moving neither fast nor slow through space with all the other energy. Ok, not all the other energy, different waves on the spectrum move differently but we’d meet up from time to time. We were still relatively close to where we were packed a LOT tighter. There weren’t all these other ‘things’ though. It’s almost like trying to imagine the thoughts of a blind person. On this level there is something you might call gravity, but humans can’t feel it. The feeling is kind of like when you’re in your bed with the lights out and you close your eyes and feel impossibly small? Like your bed is just a tiny box in a huge room? Kinda like that if you remember that it’s a thrilling feeling tucked under the covers at the same time. That’s as best as I can describe it.

I was brought to Earth on a comet about 1 and 1/2 Legos from here. I caught it when it was small and rode it into your asteroid belt where I took a smaller one closer to your Sun. It was a LOT of traffic coming the other way, let me tell ya! A flavor of light for everything I ever was, and this force I could see from afar pulling energy off the rock…solar wind.

There is no sound, only vibrations and reactions, or more, or less space, pressure, mass and that kind of thing. It’s a quiet filled with reactions that touch all of you at once, and still others where you barely perceive something has changed. Then of course there are those periods where you take a static, physical form and move impossible slow. It’s packed even moreso than back home but it’s not nearly as warm. It’s nice though, because you are part of a community and everybody feeds off of everybody. We’re all connected.

The thing is, there really is no silence anywhere, ever. There’s always something going on and making a fuss somewhere imperceptible to us, but nonetheless dramatic. There is always some event that if the volume were turned up would rattle your eardrum, and some things you CAN hear but just don’t for whatever reason. Or at least you’re not conscious of it.

Anyway in human terms, in a space suit up there, to be out there I can’t imagine it with your eyes, but from what I ‘hear’ it’s gotta be a lot going on. I can remember being engulfed by ever faster moving energy and a different kind of wind when I arrived here. It smelled strange, like nothing I had sensed before, really. Let me tell you that is saying something. It’s really special, and it used to be much more vivid. When I first got here, I sensed light like I hadn’t before. Then there is this ‘energy system’ going on here which is so lovely. It’s moving at a good pace, easy and constantly changing, and the character is something. I’ve been here a little more than a Lego and I’ve traversed quite a bit, but I’ve sensed places I haven’t ever imagined. I could definitely see hanging out here for a good Lego or two.