30 plus 30

Today is July 29th which means I am 30 years and 30 days old. I’ve learned a few things these last 30 days, actually some of these things started happening the last few years of my 20’s, I’m just fully embracing them now.

Letting people go: I have love for anyone that was ever in my circle at some point in my life. Whether it was a friend, coworker, boyfriend, whoever. Even if we don’t speak anymore I still pray they are happy and successful. With that being said if your presence disrupts my peace I have to let you go and love you from a distance. I can no longer deal with people’s BS because I have my own BS I’m trying to work out! If your friends are not inspiring you or if you’re not inspiring them baby what is you doing???

I am interested in being healthy. In my younger years I had no issue drinking (alcohol) and eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, but lately I’ve been concerned with my health! I WANT to eat healthy foods that make me feel good. Not that I have any pending issues I just don’t want any! It’s true what “they” say weight is so much harder to get off after 25! I’ve also been obsessed with skincare instead of make up. I rather my skin be popping than my foundation. Of course I still love a beat face but I much rather have a flawless face without it.

Saving money and having an 850 credit score. In the past my financial goal was to stack enough money to buy a designer bag or shades-currently I’m interested in stacking enough money to quit my job if I want or to buy a car in CASH. I’m also strategically trying to use and pay my credit cards so I can build my credit all the way up to 850. Saving and paying off debt is actually a form of self love, I know we usually treat ourselves to expensive things as forms of self love but your future self will thank you for getting your coins together!

Business: I have been leisurely selling baked goods from my home for the last 9 years, within the last year or so I’ve been developing it into a business. Expanding my menu and brand, buying things wholesale so I gain more profit. Investing that profit in the company instead of just spending the cash as I receive it.

My mood should not change based on other people’s attitudes and actions. If someone is rude to me or disloyal I don’t get even or ugly with them. I continue spreading positive vibes and pray that person receives peace. I can’t allow my attitude to be tainted by other people’s poison. Most of the time it has nothing to do with me it’s their own issue. You never know what people are going through to make them act out, I can’t control their behavior but I can control how I react. I know that sounds so cliché but it’s so true!

I like tea! No not gossip. I’ve had a love affair with coffee since I was a senior in high school but since going vegan I don’t really get the satisfaction I used to using nondairy milk. I’ve even made my own coffee creamer and still it’s mediocre. I have been drinking different blends of tea and I am in love! I’m still getting a caffeine fix as well. The weird thing is I’m drinking all of these tea blends iced or room temperature. Never hot-that reminds me too much of being sick. We’ll see how that works out during the winter months.

Less BS more lessons: I’ve always loved to read. I can finish multiple fiction books in a week but lately I’ve been adding business, religion and “self-help” books to my rotation. I’m not in school and haven’t been for a long time but I’m forever a student. It’s important to me that I am constantly learning. You need to be able to have a conversation with anyone you meet. If you talk to the same 5 people about the same 5 reality shows all the time and if you only follow girls with the same style you have on IG what exactly are you learning from them? There’s a whole world outside of your circle get familiar!

The Purge: I’ve accumulated so many unnecessary things my 30 years here on this earth. 90% of those things no longer serve me. I’m constantly throwing things away and I feel lighter every time I do it. The gold shoes I wore to prom in 2005 GARBAGE, the 12 pink lipsticks that look exactly the same GARBAGE the 14959645 pieces of loose bundles GARBAGE! Why have I held on to these things that I haven’t worn in years??? They did nothing but clutter my space and get in my way. Hoarding is terrible habit so many of us have, even though we aren’t at an extreme level like the people on the show its still hoarding! Learn to let things go that no longer serve you; clothes, bags, thoughts and people-let it go!

a Seat at the Table > Lemonade I’m a Beyoncé fan just like everyone else in the world but I’m more Solange than Bey these days especially when it comes to these two albums. I sang along to Lemonade all summer ‘16 but when I first heard ASATT I felt it in my soul! Solo is definitely a friend in my head.

Earlier this year I was so worried about turning 30, I felt like I wasn’t where I should be in life but after prayer and self reflection I’ve realized that I’ve grown so much since the start of my 20's praise God for that.