Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Shaniqua aka NiQ I’m 28 years old and currently my life is in shambles (In my opinion). Ask one of my friends or family members and they probably wouldn’t agree but I feel lost. If you would have asked me 10 years ago where I would be at almost 30 years old it definitely would not be here*.

Today is January 29th which is exactly 6 months until my 29th birthday — my golden year! From now until June 29, 2017 I will attempt to become a REAL adult. This blog will be totally random, ramblings of my journey from fake grown to REAL adult (LOL) as well as me stepping my foot into the restaurant scene — I just graduated from pastry school and my foodie adventures around the city.

So some days I will have reviews on bakeries/restaurants and others will be updates on my current goals/losses.

Au revoir

PS I started and ended in French because I’m attempting to learn some French for my upcoming holiday to Paris (more about that later)

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