I’m sitting on the R train on my way home from Black Tap home of the infamous shakes that have gone viral over the past two weeks or so.

Before I went to Black Tap I went on their website to check out the menu like I always do before going somewhere new. To my surprise they don’t specialize in “those” shakes, their specialty is actually burger & beers. Being the burger lover that I am said screw the shake I’m all in for the burger!

They have everything from Mexican chorizo burgers, to pizza burgers to Korean BBQ burgers to Reuben burgers you name it they have it. I know the head chef and owner Joe Isidori has to feel some type of way now that his precious hand crafted burgers that he’s won plenty of awards for have been shoved in the corner for these bland ass shakes. Yes I said it BLAND ASS SHAKES.

Black Tap opens at 11:30 am so I figured to avoid that three to four hour wait to get in the door I would get there early BEFORE they open and be first to get in the door. NOPE when I got there @ 11:15 the line was already around the corner. The manager came out and gave an estimated time of when we would be seated, based on where I was in the line there was a three to four hour wait. FOH was my initial thought but I was waiting for my friend Lamont to meet me there so I stayed patient, good thing I did because people couldn’t take the cold and kept leaving so I only waited about an hour and a half not too bad.

Once we got inside I realized why the wait was so damn long the place seats like 10 people. The shakes take about 10 mins to make and it takes customers about 5–7 minutes to post pictures & videos on their social media pages. I ordered a burger with bacon, cheese & a runny egg on a croissant with fries and the Cookie shake. The burger was perfect so my hour and a half wait was not in vain.

The shake is no where near worth all of the hype — the vanilla shake was so bland. Now I know vanilla is a mild flavor but there was no richness to this thing at all! It was super loose like mainly milk.. The cookies on top were blahhhh as well.

I get the feeling they crafted the shakes way better before the hype and used quality products for them but now it’s probably hard for them to keep up with the demand. And besides they know most people are really there for the social media photo op and not the actual enjoyment of the food soooo actually there’s no need for them to make them taste amazing…people are gonna keep coming in droves anyway. With that said I would go back to explore the rest of the burger options but I’ll pass on the shakes not worth the calories or the $15.

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