Sweet Chick

I’m trying to detach myself from my cell phone!

With that being said when I’m in the company of other people I keep my phone in my bag for the most part so I can engage with the person physically with me. Because my phone is not in my sight I forget to take pictures when I’m in restaurants but then I want to review them here and I have no photos — ugh.

Moving on.. I went to Sweet Chick this sort of rustic, hipster, southern yet modern restaurant twice in less than a week. My friend swore me down its owned by NaS but it’s definitely not. As a pastry chef I always do my research on who the owner, executive chef & manager is when I go to a new spot. So I already knew John Seymour & Sam Saleh were the Co-Founders of Sweet Chick but I did not have the blood sugar to argue with this fool. LOL

NaS is not an owner — he’s in cahoots with them to help them expand their brand nationally and develop new locations.

Co Founder John Seymour w/NaS

They’ve been open since 2013 & I’ve been hearing great things about this place for awhile but finally decided to go last Saturday with some friends as a late birthday celebration. I ordered the shrimp and grits, it was OK but I honestly prefer my homemade version. However everyone else I was with ordered some version of chicken & waffles.

  • Fried chicken & bacon cheddar waffles
  • General Tso’s chicken & broccoli waffles
  • Buffalo chicken & carrot celery waffles

Needless to say I picked at everyone’s plate and thoroughly enjoyed it — so of course I had to go back and order my own plate of fried chicken and apple cinnamon waffles which was amazing! First of all this was my first time having chicken & waffles (well actually last Saturday was) I never really got the hype before today. Also I’m usually very skeptical about ordering fried chicken at a restaurant it’s never usually up to par for me but baybee Sweet Chick gets it, my meal was delicious!

simple simple simple *not my photo*

I tasted some of my dates mac & cheese ehhh it was OK but not on the spectrum of the chicken & waffles. The food here is classic with a modern twist just the way I like it. It’s so simple but amazing. To be completely honest I was expecting my apple cinnamon waffles to be piled high with apples — they weren’t and it was totally fine. My waffles were studded with small bits of fried apples that mixed perfectly with the rosemary butter and syrup and hot sauce from the chicken UGH it was so good! I would definitely suggest you guys visit Sweet Chick specifically for some version of chicken & waffles.

mac & cheese ritz cracker crumbs *not my photo*

I went to both locations, the 164 Bedford Avenue location in Brooklyn as well as the 178 Ludlow Street location in Manhattan. I can’t say one location was better than the other because I went on two different days at two different times and ordered two different things. I will say the music at the BK location on a Saturday night is poppin’ and the restroom at the city location on a Friday afternoon is disgusting..

outside of the BK location
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