Misadventures of the Heart

This past weekend was the final weekend of August so I had to take full advantage and hit the beach! At first I wasn’t going to go because I really didn’t feel like being around anyone *loner vibes* but I’m glad my Godmother talked me into going because I really had a great time surrounded by family. I absolutely love the beach! It’s so peaceful and calming I always take the time to meditate and reflect while I’m there. I also love stuffing my face with snacks and two stepping to old skool music. I know some people who think they’re too good for NY beaches — they only go to the beach when they’re on vacay. Sucks for them, they limit themselves to this joy once maybe twice a year on vacay while I can get it every weekend in the summer. Girl, Bye! This was probably my last beach trip for the year so I made sure to soak up the sun, float in the water and laugh uncontrollably.

If your familiar with the artist Sue Tsai you know she had an art exhibition from August 11–28 here in NYC I made it yesterday for the final day. The art looks good online but in person it’s breathtaking the details are incredible! These iPhone pics I took do them no justice! It’s crazy to know that she hand paints everything. God bless her because I definitely do not have the patience for that! I love the fact that this art is not so high brow that us 20 somethings don’t understand it. All of her paintings reflect struggles and triumphs of a 20 something life. I’m excited to see how her art will progress as she grows. Just in case you didn’t have $20,000 to drop on a painting she had a pop up shop with all types of merchandise for sale from phone cases to T-shirts to flash tats.

She was such a doll walking around, conversing with everybody, discussing our favorite pieces, and taking multiple photos with us.

Sue & I

After the exhibition we took full advantage of being in the city on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and hit up a street fair-MY FAVORITE! I love food trucks and vendors who sell unique jewelry and sunglasses.

Cheers to the unofficial end of Summer and I H O P E you have a beautiful Fall.

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