I’m not an entrepreneur. I don’t own a business. I’m not motivated by profit or power and yet I still pray at the church of Gary Vee.

I’m a single Mum. I work hard in the NHS. I am passionate about being happy & living my most incredible life.

And I think that more people like me need to hear about Gary Vaynerchuk.

Last night I felt like Charlie Bucket with a golden ticket to attend the VaynerWorld launch in London. A six hour round trip from Cardiff and an entrance price less than the cost of a NY Jets shirt felt like nothing in exchange for the opportunity to be in the same room as His Awesomeness as he shared his wisdom & signed some copies of his new book #AskGaryVee.

Due to the nature of Gary’s never-miss-an-opportunity approach I expected to be fully “networked” at the event and as we arrived at the super-cool WeWork office space I wasn’t disappointed. Business cards were flying left and right & elevator pitches were being yelled over the incredibly well-selected 90’s hip-hop soundtrack. The inevitable question came up several times “So, what do you do?”

When I answered honestly, “I work in a cancer hospital” I was met with faces of disbelief, confusion and even “What are YOU doing here?”

Entrepreneurs and business types have elected him their ultimate hero but if you really think you need to be in business to “get” him then you really don’t “get” it at all.

Yes Gary Vee is a brilliant business man. Yes he makes a ridiculous amount of money. But most importantly of all, Gary Vee is a really brilliant human being. I met him last night. I know. We’re best friends now.

Family first, give more than you get, live your passion & work as hard as you can are all GV philosophies I subscribe to. If you don’t, you might want to double-check you still have a heartbeat.

None of those things are exclusive to the world of business, so you fancy-pants entrepreneurs don’t get to have sole custody of Gary as your hero. Nuh-uh. We get to idolise him too.

This guy’s energy, charisma & dedication to listening to his people cannot be overestimated. He cares. He actually gives a shit about stuff.He stands for something. He sometimes squeaks when he talks about something super-passionately. He knows his onions. He has taught me a TONNE about social media. He works HARD. His eyes twinkle. He even thinks about his staff when he’s having a wee (he told us so…)

And the way he eats a banana makes me want to gag.

Gushing fangirl stuff & banana demolition aside…if you think that you won’t learn something from this chap unless you’re a business owner then I think you’re wrong. There is so much more to Gary Vaynerchuk than that.

To answer the question, “What are YOU doing here?” Simple. Just the same as you. I’m here to listen, to learn, to be inspired and to be better. And looking at how undeniably happy this guy is, I think we’ve all got something to learn from Gary Vaynerchuk.