Launch Party Recap + Photos

After months of working on GlamPod lowkey, I finally got to invite friends, family and day-one supporters to the GlamPod Launch Party. Thank you to Ace Coffee Roasters for the beautiful space, and thank you to everyone who joined us. During my speech at the event, I shared the three biggest lessons I learned while developing GlamPod. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here they are:

  1. Community is everything. In order to be successful, you need a group of like-minded and supportive people around you. You have to lean on their strengths and be open to feedback.
  2. Every problem has a solution. Over the past year, I’ve faced dead-ends and insurmountable problems. But every time I felt stressed, I would talk to a close friend or family member, and together, we cooked up problem-solving strategies.
  3. Take risks! One of my favourite quotes from Jack Ma, founder of AliBaba, is “If you don’t do it, nothing is possible.” When you try to accomplish things, you’ll encounter endless possibilities, and most importantly, you’ll feel hope. No one knows where they’ll be a year from now, so why not take the risk and see where things go?

I can’t wait to continue this journey with all of you. Enjoy pictures from the event below!

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