What is perplexing here is that your first thought is “how did you let this much shit happen to…

As I mentioned to other commenters she said herself she got her start to her career based on documenting this type of thing. It may have not been deliberate at first but at some point when it becomes a thing you are documenting isn’t it natural to seek it out? I never mentioned what she was or wasn’t wearing or whether or not she was asking for it. I am pretty sure that nobody is ever asking for what she was documenting.

Do I think that I am ignorant of this type of behavior to a certain extent? Absolutely since this isn’t how I treat women or how I would tolerate someone treating a woman around me. That is part of why I am curious about it. I want to get other perspectives if something mirrored my own perspective I would find it rather boring.

Why do you assume that any type of questioning in this type of circumstance is “blaming the victim”? She is documenting a certain subset of male behavior. While she may have started out a victim I wouldn’t say that she has remained one. Which is kind of the brilliance of the move she made here. Shine the light on this type of thing. It is how we have reduced other sorts of sexual predation.