Okay, but not even cisgender people are defined by whether or not they sexually function.
Samy el-Noury

Being infertile doesn’t change your gender. Your body still either produces eggs or sperm, not both. I responded to another at length in this thread so not wanting to devote too much more time to this. There is a certain religious zeal in which this subject is being approached currently. Such zeal can often blind people to the truth and make objectivity difficult.

The approach to this is strange. Normally speaking we teach people to be ok with themselves as they are. Yet on this subject we demand that everyone in society take the opposite approach. We demand that men who think they are women be referred to as such and vice versa. The suicide rates of the people involved suggest that this isn’t working and that it isn’t fooling the person in the mirror which is the most important one.

I wasn’t trying to offend you. The point is that objectively and scientifically speaking there are two sex/genders. Some have reimagined a new definition for one or both of those terms. Though if there was an alien species studying us and reporting back their findings they would say that there are two genders.

If we cannot agree on things as a society that are objectively true then what truths will even exist going forward?