You seem to be blaming the victim of sexual harassment rather than focusing on the men who decided…
Paul Gutierrez

Did you read what she or I even wrote? This isn’t victim blaming. She has stated that she got her start in her career based on documenting this type of thing. If you were trying to document something you would seek it out right? If you wanted to cover football you wouldn’t hope to randomly run into a football game. You would go to where you expected there to be a football game.

So let’s combine two basic facts. This is what she based the start of her career as a photographer on. She seemed to run into more than her share of this kind of thing. So it would seem like a logical conclusion that she was seeking these kind of people out in order to document them. I am curious exactly how she did this. How hard was it to find? Some of those pictures involve criminal acts with men at least partially exposing themselves. Was there consideration into getting the authorities involved?